About Accessibility

Access keys provide a shortcut to key links on a page.

The Access keys can be used by holding down Alt and the letter or number on windows based computers. On Apple Macintosh hold down the Cmd button and the letter or number.

1 = Home
5 = Advanced Search
8 = Site Information
9 = Contact Us
0 = Access key details / Accessibility

The following accesskey is not covered by the UK Government access keys standard:

S = Skip Navigation

Browser and Operating System options.

Internet Explorer users running on Windows can use the following accessibility options.

Resizing text.

We have ensured that the text can be scaled to a large text size without overflowing on to other text.  Our web site can be viewed using three text sizes to complement the browsers text size and can be found on the top right of all pages.

You can resize the text in Internet Explorer. From the top menu bar:

  • Click on View on the menu toolbar (or press Alt and V)
  • Click on Text Size (or press Alt and X)
  • Choose from one of the five options.

The text size can sometimes be increased more by disabling the text size in Internet Explorer. From the top menu bar:

  • Select Tools
  • Select Internet Options
  • Click on the Accessibility button at the bottom of the panel
  • Make sure the 'Ignore font sizes on web pages' option is ticked.
  • Press OK
  • Press OK

To change the text size in Firefox and Netscape users can press:

  • control and + to increase the text size
  • control and - to decrease the text size
  • control and 0 (zero) to return to normal text size.

Opera users can change the text size by pressing:

  • Shift and + to increase the text size and
  • Shift and - to decrease the text size.

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