Scottish Maid" Prototype Half Model By James And William Hall Click picture for a larger version

Scottish Maid" Prototype Half Model By James And William Hall, 1839

Scottish Maid
schooner, built 1839

Alexander Hall and Company
Ship builders; 1811 - 1958

Hall, James And William

wood and paint

The schooner Scottish Maid, built by the Hall shipyard in 1839, was the first vessel with the raked stem known as the 'Aberdeen bow'. Scottish Maid was intended for the Aberdeen-London trade, where speed was crucial to compete with steamships. The Hall brothers tested various hulls in a water tank and found the clipper design most effective. The design was influenced by tonnage regulations. Tonnage measured a ship's cargo capacity and was used to calculate tax and harbour dues. The new 1836 regulations measured depth and breadth with length measured at half midship depth. Extra length above this level was tax-free and became a feature of clippers. Scottish Maid proved swift and reliable and the design was widely copied.

Overall: Length: 89.8 cm, Width: 10 cm, Height: 11.1 cm

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