Aristea (733), Crassula (734) General Arrangment plan Click picture for a larger version
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Aristea (733), Crassula (734) General Arrangment plan, 1935

trawler, built 1935

trawler built in Aberdeen in 1935

Irvin and Johnson (South Africa) Limited

Hall, Russell & Company, Limited
Aberdeen, Scotland, 1864 - 1992

Cloth tracing

This is a plan of the steam trawlers Aristea and Crassula, one of thousands produced in the drawing office of the Hall Russell shipyard. Such plans were an essential part of the design process. The general arrangement plan showed a vessel's overall layout. Over one hundred drawings could be required for one ship - even showing details of door hinges. By the late 20th century, hand-drawn plans had been superseded by computer aided design. This plan shows the steam trawlers Aristea and Crassula. These identical vessels were built for Irvin & Johnson (South Africa) Ltd, Cape Town. Hall Russell built a series of trawlers for Irvin & Johnson, beginning with Disa in 1924 and ending with Stevia in 1973.

Presented in 1999.

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