Keel Piece of The Cimba Click picture for a larger version

Keel Piece of The Cimba, 1878

1878 - 1915

Walter Hood and Co
Ship builders; 1839 - 1881

iron and wood

Cimba was launched in April 1878 Figurehead a lion rampant. Livery green hull with yellow stripe and white masts. Fastest voyage 1889 Sydney to London in 75 days. She had only two masters whilst she sailed under a British flag; Captain Fimister (1878-1895) and Captain Holmes (1895-1906). 'According to Master Holmes, Cimba was heavy aloft and narrow, but she was beloved by both her masters and certainly by most of the men who sailed her.' (Evening Express, 14th July 1954) 1906 sold to Norwegian timber trade. 1915 wrecked off Point des Mouts, Quebec. Parts salvaged in 1950s.

Presented in 1969.

height:113.0cm (or 123.0cm with cradle) ; width:245.5cm (with cradle)

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