"Phoenician" Aberdeen White Star Line Clipper Click picture for a larger version

"Phoenician" Aberdeen White Star Line Clipper, 1850

W Webb

built 1847

oil on canvas

PHOENICIAN was first of Aberdeen White Star fleet to make a reputation for speed under command of one of best known passage makers of the day, Capt. Sproat. 1st 3 voyages considered extraordinarily good for these days:- 1849-50 London-Sydney 90days, Sydney-London 88 days 1850-51 London-Sydney 96 days, Sydney-London 103 days 1851-52 London-Sydney 90 days, Sydney-London 83 days Shipbuilder: Walter Hood Built: 1847 Shipowner: Aberdeen White Star Line (George Thompson & Co) Dimensions: length 146 1/3' x breadth 24 7/12' x depth 19 1/6' Registered Tonnage: 478ton Wrecked c1865

Overall: Height: 79 cm, Width: 50 cm Frame: Height: 86 cm, Width: 50 cm

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