THERMOPYLAE  - Clipper Ship Click picture for a larger version

THERMOPYLAE - Clipper Ship, 1954

clipper ship, 1868 - 1907

MacKenzie & Co

Walter Hood and Co
Ship builders; 1839 - 1881

Aberdeen White Star Line (George Thompson & Co)

wood, metal and cord

This is a model of the sailing ship Thermopylae, built in Aberdeen in 1868 by Walter Hood & Co. Thermopylae was one of a series of vessels built by Hood for the Aberdeen White Star Line. On its maiden voyage, Thermopylae sailed to Melbourne, Shanghai and Foochow, breaking records on each leg of the journey. The Cutty Sark was built to compete with Thermopylae in bringing back the new season's tea from China. Despite its fame as a tea clipper, Thermopylae more often sailed to Australia in the wool trade. In later years it was sold to the Portuguese Navy and renamed Pedro Nunes. The vessel was converted to a coal hulk and finally sunk in 1907.

Overall: Length: 138.8 cm, Width: 48 cm, Height: 84 cm

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