Yard Number: 222

Owner: James Thomson & Co., London. known as the Orient Line.

Description: 2 decks, 3 masts, ship rigged, round stern, carvel built, shield figurehead, no galleries, wood frame.
Subscribing Owners: James Anderson, Fenchurch Street, London, Shipowner, 60 shares; John Anderson of Reform Club, Pall Mall, London, Shipowner, 4 shares.
Registration cancelled 2nd April 1880, vessel sold to Norwegians.
(Source: Aberdeen Shipping Registers (Aberdeen City Archives)
Nor registered with Lloyd's of London.

Builder's List:
Contract £16,709, £17 per ton.

Built by Alexander Hall & Co. Aberdeen, in 1861, MURRAY was the last Orient liner to be built entirely from wood.

The MURRAY made very fast times between Britain and Australia carrying both passengers and cargo.

In 1863 she left Plymouth on July 15th and arrived at Adelaide on September 26th making the entire journey in just 73 days.

Caledonian Mercury, 22/10/1861:
The MURRAY (ship) for Adelaide 11S, 21W [Atlantic off Brazil].

Belfast Newsletter, 01/04/1862:
The ship MURRAY from Adelaide 1st January with 58 passengers and a cargo of wool, copper ore and colonial articles for the international exhibition, arrived off Plymouth today.

Daily News, 04/06/1863:
The Aberdeen Clipper Line ship MURRAY, 1000 tons, Capt. J. Legoe, passed up channel yesterday for London from Adelaide 3rd January and St. Helena 23rd Feb. She brings a full cargo of wool and copper, 24 chief cabin passengers and 6 second cabin passengers from Adelaide.

Aberdeen Journal, 12/08/1863:
MURRAY, ship, from Plymouth for Adelaide 23rd July, 41N, 10W [off Cape Finisterre].

Glasgow Herald, 23/03/1864:
The MURRAY, ship, from Adelaide for London 29th January off Cape of Good Hope.

Glasgow Herald, 20/10/1864:
MURRAY, ship, 30th August, Lat. 10N, Long. 25W [Atlantic off West Africa].

Aberdeen Journal, 13/02/1867:
MURRAY, ship, from Adelaide to London, 45 days, 25th December, 38.30S, 34.17W [South Atlantic off River Plate].

Belfast Newsletter, 21/02/1867:
Plymouth, Feb. 20th - ship MURRAY passed up the channel and is landing some passengers here.

Glasgow Herald, 25/07/1867:
The MURRAY, ship, London to Adelaide 14th July Lat. 39N, Long. 14W [Atlantic off Lisbon].

Aberdeen Journal, 26/02/1868:
MURRAY, ship, from Adelaide off St. Helena 20th January.

Aberdeen Journal, 10/02/1869:
MURRAY, ship, from Adelaide off Penzance 2nd. February.

Aberdeen Journal, 14/04/1869:
MURRAY, ship, off the Lizard 8 April, London for Adelaide 4 days.

Freeman's Journal, 05/09/1870:
Captain Begg of the MURRAY reports that on night of May 26 in Lat. 23.40S, Long. 37.50W [Mid Atlantic between Brazil and W. Africa] one of hands at masthead saw a ship on fire. In the darkness it was most appalling spectacle. A boat was lowered and the gallant crew wound a water-logged boat with 4 men clinging to it. A rush or passengers had made for the boat and she had filled, leaving only the 4 survivors. At dawn the MURRAY stood towards the vessel, which was one mass of flame and masts gone. The MURRAY's boats and a schooner's boat rescued people who were clinging to floating spars. All but two were picked up, but over 120 were lost by fire and water. The ship was the Italian barque MANNIN BARAABINO, Genoa to River Plate. Fire from galley had ignited the deck and the combustion of the cargo, which was mainly spirits, was very rapid. The MURRAY stood by for two days.

Aberdeen Journal, 16/04/1873:
MURRAY, ship, of London, for Adelaide 28 March.

Western Mail, 31/01/1877:
Signalled off the Lizard Jan 30th - ship the MURRAY of London for Port Adelaide.

Daily News, 13/03/1877:
Orient Line for Australia - the favourite passenger ship the MURRAY, sailing from the South West India Dock, March 24, has very superior accommodation for first and second class passengers.
A. HALL & Co.
length 193.7' x breadth 33.2' x depth 20.2'
gross tonnage 902.70 tons

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