Iron Screw
Official Number
Yard Number: 199
Date of Build/Launch: February 1876

1877-78: Master C. Davidson
1880-81: Master A. G. McKenzie - surveyed Newcastle
1881-82: Master Innes

Description: 1 deck, 2 masts, schooner rigged, clencher built, no galleries, iron frame. 2 engines inverted, direct acting compound surface condensing engines made in Aberdeen by Hall Russel & Co.
(Source: Aberdeen Register of Shipping (Aberdeen City Archives))

19 November 1882 - holed whilst loading at Libau, Russia when in too shallow water for vessel's draft, but repaired.
Sold in February 1886 to the Grampian Steamship Co. Ltd.
Sank on 20 August 1886 after a collision with steamer CATO when 6 miles south of Whitby while on passage from the Tyne to Malta.

While commanded by John Scorgie (1849-1911) the crew of a German boat, whose vessel had been run down in the North Sea, was saved.

Aberdeen Journal, 3/5/1876:
Telegram from Capt. Davidson, master of steamer BALLATER, reports Alexander Gibson, fireman, of Virginia St., Aberdeen, had fallen overboard Wednesday night in Baltic Sea and drowned. Body recovered.

Aberdeen Weekly Journal, 7/8/1877:
Commercial Court at Archangel has awarded sum of £1750 to steamer BALLATER, of Aberdeen, for towing the PETER DER EROSSE to port in a disabled state.

Aberdeen Weekly Journal, 15/11/1881:
Capt. Innes of steamer BALLATER, which arrived 8. Nov. at Copenhagen from Bunt Island, reports having on 5 Nov. fallen in with Dutch barque NEPTUNE waterlogged & beginning to break up. Whole of crew except captain saved by a schooner 30 hours previously. Capt. Innes, after some difficulty, succeeded in taking the Dutch captain off and getting him aboard.

Aberdeen Weekly Journal, 13/7/1883:
To herring merchants & curers - fast sailing Aberdeen built steamer BALLATER is now on berth for Stettin and Danzig. Freight rates from J+A Davidson, Provost Blakie's Quay.

Aberdeen Weekly Journal, 19/4/1886:
William Angus, ships carpenter, 105 Park St., while working on steamer BALLATER at Aberdeen, met with serious accident. Hatched were being removed when one fell into hold, striking him on head and fractured his skull. Taken to infirmary.

Glasgow Herald, 21/8/1886:
Aberdeen steamer BALLATER sank quickly after collision off Whitby with screw steamer CATO, of London. Crew were all saved by jumping aboard CATO. CATO was then run into by screw steamer LEBANON, of Sunderland. CATO sank from combined blows of the two steamers. Crews of BALLATER and CATO were brought by LEBANON to the Tyne.

Nottingham Guardian, 27/8/1886:
Crew of BALLATER forwarded from North Shields to their homes by the agent of the Shipwrecked Mariners Society.
Hall, Russell & Company, Limited
J & A Davidson
length 200 3/6ft x breadth 27 1/12ft x depth 15 3/6ft
Gross tonnage: 780 tons

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