Yard Number: 220

Description: 1 deck, 2 masts, schooner rigged, eliptical stern, clench built, no figurehead, iron frame.
1 pair inverted direct acting compound surface condensing engines made by Hall, Russell & Co. Aberdeen.
Subscribing Owners: James Davidson and Alexander Davidson, Shipowners, Aberdeen, 64 shares.
(Source: Aberdeen Register of Shipping (Aberdeen City Archives))

Ship's Masters:
1881-82: J. McDonald
1883-84: Summer
1889-02: W. French
1910: F. H. Kay
(Source: Lloyd's Register of Shipping)

Dundee Courier, 17/11/1883:
Ballochbuie, steamer, of Aberdeen, lying at North dock, Swansea, caught fire, doing considerable damage to engine room.

Dundee Courier, 27/6/1884:
Steamer Ballochbuie arrived Aberdeen with first cargo of oats brought Archangel -Aberdeen this season. White Sea being open (of ice), vessels have been able to leave earlier than usual. This consignment unprecedently early. Passage 11 days.

Aberdeen Journal, 23+25/9/1886:
Ballochbuie, which grounded near Sutton Bridge on River Ouse, floated last night after discharging deck cargo and with assistance of extra tug. No damage reported, and she proceeded to Wisbeach. She was on voyage from Tornea, Gulf of Bothnia, Finland.

Aberdeen Weekly Journal, 31/5/1889:
Sailors and Firemen's unions - General demand has been made for a rise of wages from 3 June. As showing the hold, the union has already taken in Aberdeen, on Wednesday crew of Ballochbuie, J. Davidson and Co., struck work for more money, they were offered £1.10s [per week], but refused, demanding half a crown of advance. Articles were signed yesterday forenoon. The advance being granted and vessel left port.

Glasgow Herlald, 10/6/1889:
Steamer Ballochbuie arrived Aberdeen from Sunderland with cargo of coals Friday night and seamen and firemen were paid off Saturday Morning.

Sold in February 1890 to Sollas & Sons, London.

Yorkshire Herlald, 26/2/1900:
Steamer Ballochbuie, of London, has arrived Goole after 1st trip with Bermaens patent smoke consumer. 1st time it has been fitted to a ship. Messrs Sollas, owners of ship, fitted one to her funnel. Engineer claims at least 50% of coal saved on voyage from London as a result of better draught. Device is a baloon shaped chamber, fitted with fans and an apparatus to catch the smoke. It is argued that with shorter funnel better results could have been obtained.

Transferred in December 1904 to E H Sollas.
Sold in April 1913 to J Huyghebeert, Nieuport, Belgium and renamed PAUL.
Renamed: PAUL (1913)
Sold in 1918 to L Hermans, Bruges.
26 September 1918 - torpedoed and sunk by UB21 off Robin Hood's Bay, Yorkshire.
Hall, Russell & Company, Limited
J & A Davidson, Aberdeen
length 190 3/6' x breadth 31 1/12' x depth13'
Gross Tonnage: 677 ton

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