Official Number

Registered at Aberdeen 1st September 1848
1 deck and half poop deck, 3 masts, female figurehead.
Master Gifford Wood.

Subscribing owners: Alexander Nicol, shipowner, 32 shares, James Horn, merchant, 8 shares, Walter Hood, shipbuilder, 4 shares - all of Aberdeen.

Other owners: William Nicol, shipbroker, Liverpool (co-partner with Alexander Nicol and trading under firm of Alexander Nicol & William Nicol, Aberdeen). George Thompson Jr., Shipowner, 8 shares, James Buyers, merchant, 8 shares, Walter Hood, shipbuilder, 4 shares - all of Aberdeen.
31st November 1848: A & W Nicol sold 24 shares to George Thompson Jnr., Alexander Nicol, James Horn, James Buyers, manager of Aberdeen Rope & Sail Co., and Walter Hood.
22nd November 1852: Above group sold 24 shares back to Alexander & William Nicol.

1850: Master G Wood, route Aberdeen - Combo
22nd July 1854: Charles Wood appointed master in room of Gifford Wood
1856: Destined voyage Liverpool - South America
1861: Master Garrock; Destined voyage Liverpool - Caldera
1862: Master Garrick; Owner/Agent Alexander Nicol
1866: Master D. Beatie; Destined voyage Newcastle - Valpariso
1870: Master J. Mill; Destined voyage Stockton - South America
1877: Master Brown
1881: Registered in Germany, no owners listed.

Newcastle Courant, 08/09/1848:
A fine new Aberdeen barque, the BALGOWNIE, arrived in the Tyne this morning on her first voyage. She will load here for Coquimbo [Chile].

Daily News, 07/05/1852:
BALGOWNIE, barque, from Swansea to Coquimbo, 28 days, March 10, Lat. 48 S, Long. 26°30' W [S. Atlantic].

Bristol Mercury, 13/08/1853:
For Melbourne and Sydney N.S.W. provided sufficient freight offers, the fine Aberdeen clipper barque BALGOWNIE, A1 and coppered, Gifford Wood Commander. This vessel has proved herself one of the swiftest vessels afloat in several passges to and from the west coast of South America and will be found a most superior conveyance for goods as well as for a limited number of cabin passengers.

Britsol Mercury, 10/09/1853:
Direct from Bristol to Melbourne - to sail 15 Sept. As she will be in excellent trim, is expected to make the quickest passage of any vessel that has left this port. Her cabin accommodations are of a very superior character, no steerage passengers taken.

Aberdeen Journal, 05/01/1859:
Spoken BALGOWNIE, barque, for Mauritius for the Cape, 28 October off Point Hood.

Glasgow Herald, 28/12/1863:
BALGOWNIE, barque, from Callao [Peru] for Dunkirk, 27 November, Lat. 7°38' N, Long. 24° 47 W [off West Africa].
A Nicol & Co., Aberdeen
length 119' x breadth 23' 5" x depth 16'
Registered Tonnage: 325ton burthen, 379 tons registered

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