Official Number
Rig: SHIP later changed to Barque rigged in 1865

Date of Build/Launch: June 1852

Owner: L. Dent, London

Lloyd's Register of Shipping:
1853, 1857: Owner L. Dent; Port belonging to London; Destined voyage London-Port Phillipheads, Victoria, Australia; Master H. Jones.
1858-59 to 1863-64: Owner D. Dunbar; Port belonging to London; Destined voyage London-China; Master H. Jones.
1865-66: Owners Vanner & Co.; Port belonging to London; Destined voyage London-China; Master J. Allan; Barque.
1871-72: Master J. Allan; Destined voyage London-New Zealand.
1872-73: Owner Shaw Savill & Co.; Port belongong to London; Destined voyage London-New Zealand; Master J. Reynolds.
1873-74: Master C. Grant.
1874-75: No reference.

Ipswich Journal, 14/01/1854:
Mr W. O. Young's ship BALLARAT, Captain Jones, made passage Lizard - Melbourne in 82 days.

Reynold's Newspaper, 16/04/1854:
260 emigrants sailing on BALLARAT from Gravesend to Australia.

Lubbock,"The Colonial Clippers":
The honours for the year (London-Australia) for the year 1855 were taken by the Duthie built Aberdeen Clipper BALLARAT owned by Duncan Dunbar, which went out to Sydney in under 70 days and came home Melbourne-Liverpool in 69 days with 110,000 ounces (wool).

Moreton Bay Courier, Brisbane, 4 February 1856:
Arrival of the BALLARAT from Melbourne. The clipper ship BALLARAT, Captain Jones, arrived off Dover on Saturday morning after a rapid passage of 64 days from Port Philip Heads [Melbourne]. She has on board 100 passengers from the colony and brings the large amount of 110,000 ounces of gold.
(Source: Australian Historic Newspapers Online (http://ndpbeta.nla.au/ndp/del/home)

Daily News, 24/01/1859:
Thames Police Court - Summons granted to John Hemmings, Apprentice on board ship BALLARAT, against Capt. Henry Jones for alleged cruelty. The lad stated he had been thrown down by the Captain, who put his foot on his throat and nearly choked him. He was then lashed by the hands to the stauncheon and flogged by the Captain, who struck him 33 times. The boy also claimed £9.6.0 for wages due to him.

Morning Chronicle, 05/05/1860:
Captain of the JOSEPH STEELE arrived Liverpool reported sad catalogue of misfortune befallen ship BALLARAT on voyage London - Shanghai. When ships met 22 March Captain of BALLARAT reported he had lost one of his crew overboard in Bay of Biscay (man fell from jib-boom and every exertion to save him was unavailing). Also stated smallpox to a serious and dangerous extent had broken out among crew - 1 dead, 2 others dangerously ill and 4 more slightly so. JOSEPH STEELE supplied chloride of lime, disinfecting fluid and what medicines they required.

Daily News, 12/06/1860:
BALLARAT, Capt. J. Allan, belonging to Messrs Vanner, Prest & Lyth, arrived Portsmouth from New Zealand with a wing of the 68th Regiment. She had on board belonging to the Regiment 346 men, women and children and 10 officers.
length 158' x breadth 30' x depth 20.1'
gross tonnage 685 tons

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