Official Number
Launched 29th June1881 & completed by Hall, Russell & Co. Ltd., Yard Number: 222 as “AUSTERLITZ” for A.C. Gow & Co., Glasgow.

Lloyd's Register:
1882-83, 1884-85, 1886-87: Port belonging to Glasgow; Master J. Cowie; 1 deck, Engines 2 cylinder 165 H.P. by Hall Russell.
1890-91: Master J. D. Fraser
1895-96: Owners now Gow, Harrison & Co.; Port of Registry Glasgow; Master M. J. O'Sullivan
1896-97, 1898-99, 1899-1900: Owners W. S. Miller & Co., Port of Registry Glasgow; Master A. McGregor
1910-11: No reference.

Fleet's List:
1895 transferred to Gow, Harrison & Co. Ltd.
1895 sold to W.S. Miller & Co., Glasgow.
1900 sold to Leonhardt & Heeckt of Hamburg, renamed “MARIE PAULIG”.
On the 2nd February 1904 wrecked S.W. of Benghazi harbour and beached.

Shipping reports give a good picture of the movements of a late 19th century tramp steamer:-

Glasgow Herald, 07/10/1881:
The steamer AUSTERLITZ (of Glasgow) from Odessa to Dunkirk, is at Algiers with loss of 2 blades of propellor.

Glasgow Herald, 10/01/1882:
Steamer AUSTERLITZ from Newport arrived Singapore 7 January.

Glagow Herald, 31/12/1883:
Steamer AUSTERLITZ , Belize for London, arrived Newport News (Virginia) December 28.

Glasgow Herald, 15/01/1884:
Steamer AUSTERLITZ , passed through the Downs 14 January.

Aberdeen Weekly Journal, 29/10/1884:
Steamer AUSTERLITZ , for Tobago, left Las Palmas October 25.

Glasgow Herland, 07/04/1885:
Steamer AUSTERLITZ , Port Royal (S. Carolina or Jamaica?) for United Kingdom passed Prawle Point (Devon) April 6.

Freeman's Journal, 07/10/1885:
Steamer AUSTERLITZ towed into Halifax (Nova Scotia) Thomas Allen, British, with main shaft broken.

Western Mail, 22/02/1887:
As screw steamer AURETTA was proceeding up East Bute Dock, Cardiff, she collided with screw steamer AUSTERLITZ of Glasgow, loading [coal?] under the no. 2 tip. AUSTERLITZ was struck on starboard side and damage will delay her for several days.

Glasgow Herland, 12/06/1889:
Steamer AUSTERLITZ from Quebec passed the Lizard (Cornwall) June 11.

Daily News, 05/05/1892:
According to cable message from Norfolk, Virginia, steamer AUSTERLITZ stranded at Velasco Bar, thumped bottom and remained 24 hours. Hold surveyed and vessel pronounced seaworthy. Has coaled and proceeded.

Glasgow Herald, 30/06/1897:
Telegraph from Belfast states that steamer AUSTERLITZ , Balbao to Glasgow with ore, calling at Larne for bunker coal, grounded on Island Magee, but is expected to get off next tide without damage.

Aberdeen Weekly Journal, 14/12/1897:
Steamer AUSTERLITZ , Glasgow for Bordeaux, is aground in Clyde off Dumbarton, being lightened, expected off at high water.
Hall, Russell & Company, Limited
A C Gow & Co., Glasgow
length 261' x breadth 35 1/12' x depth 19 1/12'
Gross Tonnage: 1653 ton

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