Official Number
Date of Build/Launch: April 1816
Lloyd's 8 years A1

Description: 1 deck, 2 masts, brig rigged, square stern, carvel built, no figurehead, standing bowsprit, that the framework and planking is wood and that she is a sailing vessel. Snow rigged in 1825.
Subscribing Owners in 1825: Robert Catto, 16 shares; William Catto, 4 shares; William Donald Jnr. 4 shares; all Aberdeen.
Other Owners in 1825: John Catto, 8 shares; George Pirie, 4 shares; William Pirie, 4 shares; George Thomson, 4 shares; Peter Mortimer, 4 shares; all Merchants. John Ewing, Advocate, 4 shares; Alexander Watt, Shipmaster, 4 shares; Peter Milne, Shipmaster, 4 shares; James Lawson, Shipmaster, 4 shares.
Master in 1825/26: James Park.
1864 Owner: Robert Johnston, Merchant, Aberdeen, 64 shares.
Sailed from Aberdeen on 17 December 1862 and has not since been heard of - taken from letter from owner dated 21 November 1864. Registration cancelled.
(Source: Aberdeen Register of Shipping (Aberdeen City Archives))

1816-22: Master J. Aitken; Owner Catto & Co.; Voyage 1817-19 - London - Havana
1823-25: Master A. Lawson; Owner Catto & Co.; Voyage Leith - Newcastle
1826-27: Master Park; Owner Catto & Co.; Voyage Leith - New York
1828-29: Master Watt & Nicol; Owner Catto & Co.; Voyage Leith - Baltic
1830-31: Master Nichol; Owner Catto & Co.; Voyage Coasting
1831: Lloyd's 7 years E1
1832-33: Master G. Park; Owner Tynmouth; Voyage Hull - Riga
1839-40: Master T. Asplin; Owner J. Bell; Voyage North Shields Coasting
1841-43: Master T. Asplin; Owner J. Bell; Voyage North & South Shields - London
1844-45: Master R. Reid; Owner J. Reid; Voyage Aberdeen Coasting
1846-48: Master J. Wattie; Owner J. Reid; Voyage Aberdeen Collier
1849: Not registered
(Source: Lloyd's Register of Shipping)

1862: Master - Stephen; Owner/Agent - Robert Johnson

Caledonian Mercury, 16/9/1816:
Brig AURORA, Milne, was spoken off banks of Newfoundland 10 Aug. - all well. Was 5 weeks from Aberdeen, winds being always from westward during passage.

Newcastle Courant, 11/3/1820:
Fine A1 brig AURORA, Peter Milne master, now loading for New York, having the principal part of her cargo engaged will sail in course of a few days. For freight or passage apply R. Blackbird, broker.

Aberdeen Journal, 17/10/1821:
New York regular traders from Newcastle and Aberdeen...brig AURORA, Capt. Stewart, will sail early 1822. Freight and passage fares from Robert Catto, Aberdeen, or Russel Blackbird, Newcastle.

Caledonian Mercury, 4/9/1826:
Aberdeen, 2 Sept. - brig AURORA, Burgess, of this place, 39 days out of Archangel for Dundee, taken with a heavy squall off Peterhead, which carried away her foremast about 5ft above the deck. Capt. Burgess had rigged a jury mast and would have been able to prosecute his voyage had not 4 of his crew next day taken the boat and left the vessel, in consequence of which he took the assistance of a revenue cruiser for tow into Fraserburgh, where she now lies to refit.

Newcastle Courant, 4/4/1829:
For sale by private contract the good brig AURORA, of Aberdeen, Andrew Nichol master, 126 tons burden, built Aberdeen 1816 under particular inspection of present owners of the best English oak timber and plank and copper fastened. Is abundantly found with good and useful stores, sails fast, carries 9 keels coals at easy draught, requires little ballast and will carry sail without any and is in every respect a good and handy vessel. For inventory and further particulars apply Capt. Nichol aboard, lying at the North Quay, or to Thomson, Coutts & Co., Coal Fitters, Monkwearmouth shore. Vessel will only remain a few days on sale.

Newcastle Courant, 6/2/1830:
Very similar sale advertisement. Master now James Collie (on board on Sandgate Shore). Particulars also from R. Blackbird & Co., brothers, Newcastle.

Aberdeen Journal, 14/1/1846:
Death at Newcastle-upon-Tyne 14 December, Capt. John Wattie of brig AURORA of this place in 56th year of his age.

Aberdeen Journal, 1/5/1850:
For sale by private bargain, good A1 brig AURORA of this port, 127 tons register, as she presently lies at foot of Market Street. Has ample inventory and can be sent to sea without any expense except provisions. Carries 9 and a half keels coals. Has a hatchway suitable for taking in large timber. Particulars from William Simpson & Co., York Place, Aberdeen.

Newcastle Courant, 10/10/1851:
For sale by private contract, all the substantial brig AURORA, of Aberdeen, 127 tons, was built Aberdeen. 2 years ago had considerable amount laid out in repairs and enlarging the hatching for taking in machinery, large timber, etc. In good order, well found in all stores. May be inspected where she lies on North Shore here. Further particulars from Capt. Brunton on board or Benjamin Waters, Quayside, Newcastle.

Aberdeen Journal, 14/3/1855:
Brig AURORA, of and for Aberdeen from Sunderland with coals, Robert Buthly master, went ashore 5 miles east of Dunbar 10 March. Crew saved. Vessel was in charge of mate N. Hobbs, Mr Buthlay being obliged to remain in Sunderland in bad health. (He died almost two years later aged 48.)

Caledonian Mercury, 15/8/1857:
Brig AURORA, of Aberdeen, bound to Demerara, spoken 2 July 48N, 11W (off Fastnet).

Dundee Courier, 10/1/1863:
Sorry to report Aberdeen coasting vessel AURORA (127 tons), Davidson master, which sailed from Aberdeen 17 Dec. for Sunderland in ballast to take in coals for Southampton, was at sea during recent gales and has not yet been heard of.
length 66.6' x breadth 21.6' x depth 12.4'
gross tonnage 127 tons

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