Official Number
Yard Number: 211
Iron frame

Description: 2 decks, 2 masts, schooner rigger, eliptical stern, clench built, no figurehead.
Subscribing Owners: James Davidson and Alexander Davidson, Shipowners, Aberdeen, 64 shares.
(Source: Aberdeen Register of Shipping (Aberdeen City Archives))

1880: Master C. Davidson; Owner J. & A. Davidson
1881: Master W. A. Crombie; Owner J. & A. Davidson; Voyage Aberdeen - Plymouth
1882-83: Master W. A. Crombie; Owner J. & A. Davidson; Voyage Aberdeen - Shields
1884: Master W. A. Crombie; Owner Davidson Steam Ship Co.; Voyage Aberdeen - Shields

February 1886: Sold to the Grampian Steamship Co. Ltd, Aberdeen.
10 July 1895: Sank at Woosung, China after being in collision with the Chinese warship WANTAI.

Aberdeen Weekly Journal, 28/11/1879:
Suit for damage to steamer BIRKHALL by barge DUNCAN was heard in City of London Court. Barge was receiving cargo from the steamer in the pool and in swinging round she damaged one of the plates of the steamer. Judgement given that this was responsibility of the Stevedore, not the Lighterman.

Aberdeen Weekly Journal, 14/02/1881:
Steamer BIRKHALL, of Aberdeen, on voyage Shields - Alexandria with coals, put into Guernsey with cargo shifted and with loss of Chief Officer and Carpenter.

Aberdeen Weekly Journal, 19/05/1882:
Yesterday during foggy weather on Tyne as screw steamer BIRKHALL, Capt. Crombie, with lead from Carthagena, was entering Shields Harbour, she got ashore on the stones at the end of the fish pier, South Sheilds, crew remained by the vessel to get her afloat. Part of the cargo is being discharged into lighters. The steamer belongs to Messrs J. & A. Davidson, Aberdeen.

Leeds Mercury, 13/10/1883:
Yesterday during dense fog off Tyne serious collision took place off Sunderland between screw steamer BIRKHALL, bound to Carthagena, and screw steamer BROOKHALL, for Grangemouth. BIRKHALL (Capt. Smith) sustained considerable damage to her bulwarks and other parts and was obliged to put into Tyne for repairs.

Aberdeen Weekly Journal, 03/07/1888:
POCOHENTAS, schooner, Bremen for Chester, has arrived at Dover. Damaged through collision with BIRKHALL, steamer, of Aberdeen, for Middlesborough, which proceeded.

Bristol Mercury, 19/09/1888:
Steamer BIRKHALL, Newport for Alexandria, has been towed into Cadiz by steamer ACUBA, with propeller lost. (Daily News, 19/09/88: BIRKHALL was carrying coal and iron, [salvage] agreement £200).

Glasgow Herald, 28/06/1893:
Steamer BIRKHALL grounded at Larnaca [Cyprus], but got off without assistance.

Glasgow Herald, 09/02/1894:
Steamer BIRKHALL collided with steamer, name unknown, in Tyne Dock yesterday morning, doing considerable damage to her own starboard rails. In going down river after the collision she ran into steamer GOVINO, of Sunderland, moored, cutting a hole in her starboard bow.

Aberdeen Weekly Journal, 11/10/1894:
Steamer BIRKHALL, of Aberdeen, from Patras, Greece, with large quantity of currants, ran for refuge in Phillipville Bay, Algeria, in consequence of fire in coal bunkers. Fire contined to spread and at last vessel had to be sunk. Steamer was beached and is now submerged. No lives lost. (16/10/94: BIRKHALL floated, divers report bottom apparently undamaged).

Aberdeen Weekly Journal, 12/07/1895:
Steamer BIRKHALL, anchored outside bar of Woosung in ballast, sunk almost immediately after collision with Chinese Man of War WANTAI. Vessel, owned by Grampian Steamship Co., left Aberdeen 1 March under command of Capt. Charles Cameron. He has worked his way up from apprentice with Grampian Steamship Co. This his first command and he is regarded as skiful navigator.

Aberdeen Weekly Journal, 17/09/1895:
Naval Court of Enquiry has found that sinking of BIRKHALL was entirely due to reckless navigation of the Chinese Man of War. BIRKHALL was engaged to carry troops from Woosung during the war between China and Japan.
Hall, Russell & Company, Limited
J & A Davidson, Aberdeen
length 250 7/12' x breadth 32 1/12' x depth 17 1/3'
Gross Tonnage: 1447 ton

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