Yard Number: 196

Renamed: BRUNLA (1894)

Description: 1 deck, 2 masts, schooner rigged, clencher built, no figurehead, iron frame. 2 compound inverted direct acting compound surface condensing engines made by Hall Russell & Co., Aberdeen. In 1888 1 set of triple engines and a steel boiler were fitted by Hall Russell's. Part double bottomed hull.

Subscribing Owners: James Davidson and Alexander Davidson, merchants, Aberdeen, joint owners of 64 shares.
(Source: Aberdeen Register of Shipping (Aberdeen City Archives))

Dundee Courier, 5/7/1876:
Capt. U.R. Davidson presented with handsome telescope, gift of King of Norway and Sweden, for rescuing crew of Norwegian schooner Harlingin in Baltic. He was at that time master of steamer Braemar, of Aberdeen. Mate of Braemar will be presented with £5 and each of crew £3.

1877-79: Master W. Connon; Owner J & A Davidson; Voyage Aberdeen-Newcastle.

Dundee Courier, 17/1/1879:
Davidson, Armistead and Co. sue for payment of £100 for alleged undue detention of steamer Braemar at Pernau [Gulf of Riga, Estonia] in 1877. Consignees counter-claim £50 for injury to cargo. Action withdrawn.

Aberdeen Weekly Journal, 7/2/1879:
While steamer Braemar being berthed in Aberdeen, James Noble, seaman, in handling pilot boat rope, allowed his hands to be drawn between rope and belaying pin - one finger of each hand broken and smashed, removed to infirmary.

Dundee Courier, 19/8/1879:
Capt. John Steel of steamer Braemar, on voyage Antwerp - Shields, large abandoned fishing boat was seen in heavy seas off Whitby - apparently undamaged. Feared crew had become casualties during gale.

1880: Master J. Hill

1881: Master Waston; Voyage Aberdeen-London

1882: Master J. Smith; Voyage Aberdeen-Shields

Dundee Courier, 7/4/1882:
Steamer Braemar arrived Dundee from Riga.

1883-84: Master Grubb

Aberdeen Weekly Journal, 22/12/1884:
Steamer Braemar, from Calcutta, sighted off Malta 23 July.

Sold in February 1886 to the Grampian Steamship Co. Ltd.

Aberdeen Weekly Journal, 22/12/1886:
Braemar, steamer, Swansea for Catania [Sicily] arrived Gibralter for medical assistance.

1889: Not listed in Lloyds Register.
(Source: Lloyd's Register of Shipping)

Dundee Courier, 8/1/1889:
Steamer Holmsidee, Shields - London, sank off Harbro' Sunday night after collision in thick fog with steamer Braemar, of Aberdeen. Crew of it saved by Braemar, which was good deal damaged and anchored in Yarmouth roads. (Aberdeen W.J., 12/1/1889: Braemar, Captain Grubb, Dunkirk - N. Shields in Ballast, had her bow partly stove in, covered by insurance. Nearly all her crew belong to Aberdeen.)

North Eastern Daily Gazette, 11/3/1890:
Steamer John Bowen collided with steamer Braemar at South Shields. Braemar's port bow considerably damaged.

Dundee Courier, 8/4/1891, Aberdeen Weekly Journal, 9+10/4/1891:
Steamer Braemar, of Aberdeen, with cargo of wood for Gallipoli, stranded at Otranto near Brindisi. Refloated, then diver stopped leak. Steamer has proceded to Brindisi.

Sold in May 1894 to R M Petersen, Moss, Norway and renamed BRUNLA.

10 April 1896 - sank near Lodbjerg, Norway after being in collision with the steamer GOTA, while coasting to Moss, 36 miles south of Christiania.
Hall, Russell & Company, Limited
J & A Davidson, Aberdeen
length 200 3/6' x breadth 27 1/12' x depth 15 3/6'
Gross Tonnage: 725 ton

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