Official Number
Yard Number: 252
Registered 27 September 1889

Renamed: TANTA(H) (1906); JEAN (1923); JEAN M (1924); MALTANA (1925); ANNA (1928); EKATERINI PEPPA (1937)

December 1906: Sold to Khedivial Steamship & Graving Dock Co. Ltd London and renamed TANTAH. Used on Red Sea and Levant services.
1910/11: TANTA; Owner Khedivial Mail Steamship and Graving Dock Co. London.
1914/15: TANTA; Owner Khedivial Mail Steamship and Graving Dock Co. London.
1920/21: TANTA; Owner Khedivial Mail Steamship and Graving Dock Co. London.
August 1923: Sold to Italians and renamed JEAN; Owner W. J. Hutchison, London.
January 1924: Renamed JEAN M.
January 1925: Sold to William John Hutchison, Piraeus and registered at London.
December 1925: Sold to Joseph Gasan, Malta and renamed MALTANA.
1927/28: MALTANA
August 1928: Sold to Oscar Daring, Kalchis and renamed ANNA.
1930/31: ANNA; Owner Oscar Daring, Kalchis (Greece)
1934: Sold to L Teryazos, Piraeus.
1937: Sold to Christos Peppas & partners, Piraeus and renamed EKATERINI PEPPA.
7 February 1938: Sunk in collision with K. N. S. M.s PLUTO half a mile northwest of the Adlergrund Light Vessel (south of Bornholm Island) on voyage from Danzig to Oran with a cargo of coal.

Aberdeen Weekly Journal, 9/9/1889:
Launched from Hall Russell & Co.'s Footdee yard, finely modelled screw steamer IFAFA, built to order of J. T. Rennie and Son, Aberdeen & London. Is fitted out on most approved principles re: machinery and cabin accommodation. Intended fro Natal trade and will be commanded by Capt. Stuart. Christening ceremony performed by Master Gordon Rennie, son of one of the owners, Mr. T. Rennie, lately home from Natal. After launch a number of the company adjourned to one of the brawing lofts in the yard, where cake and wine served and toasts pledged.

Aberdeen Weekly Journal, 28/9/1889:
Trial trip of steamer IFAFA to take place this morning.

The Standard, 5/10/1889:
South African gold fields - Aberdeen line of steamers for Natal direct - magnificent new steamer IFAFA, Charles Stuart commander, fitted with electric light and bells, piano and all modern conveniences for 1st class passengers, surgeen and stewardess carried. Will sail from London docks 10 October, calling at Tenerife. John T. Rennie, Son & Co., 4 East India Avenue, E.C.

Standard, 16/1/1890:
Will sail from London docks 25 Jan.

Daily News, 24/4/1890:
Will sail ex London docks 1 May.

Daily News, 17/12/1890:
Port Natal - Splendid full powered steamer IFAFA, Capt. J. G. H. Flint, will embark passengers at the jetty, London docks, 2 January, 1st class passengers only.

Standard, 9/4/1891:
Arrived London docks from Natal.

Standard, 9/5/1891:
To embark passengers London docks 28 May.

Aberdeen Weekly Journal, 26/10/1891:
Passed Portland Bill for Natal.

Freeman's Journal, 13/4/1893:
IFAFA, Port Natal for London, left Madrid.

Freeman's Journal, 11/10/1893:
Steamer IFAFA, Smyrna for London, left Algiers.

Aberdeen Weekly Journal, 19/1/1895:
IFAFA, London for Natal, arrived Tenerife 2 and a half days overdue, reports fearful weather.

Northern Echo, 7/5/1896:
IFAFA towed British ship CITY OF YORK (Which had been ashore) into Lorenzo Marques.

Morning Post, 14/5/1900:
IFAFA landed at Natal. Captain, officers and crew of steamer CRAIGELLACHIE, ashore and total loss at Reit Point.
Hall, Russell & Company, Limited
J T Rennie
length 271' x breadth 35 1/12' x depth 24 7/12'
Gross Tonnage: 1788 ton (varies from 1751 - 1838)

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