Official Number
Yard Number: 485
Date of Launch: February 1911

Engine details: Steam by screw, triple expansion engine, 12” x 20” x 34” with 24” stroke. 451 i.h.p. by HR.
Boiler: Number 1SB, Diameter 12'9", Length 10'9", Heating area 1429 square feet with 3 plain welded 3'9" diameter furnaces.
Propeller: 8'4" in diameter, solid type, cast iron.

Costs and extras: £5,550 with £200 allowance for owners supplying trawl winch and acetylene gas installation.

31/01/1911: Launched, named by Mrs A. Spence Macdonald.
1914: Owners Richard Irvin & Sons Ltd., Aberdeen.
August 1914: Requisitioned and converted to minesweeper.
1919: Returned to owners R. Irvin & Sons.
Sept. 1919: Owned by the Gamecock Steam Trawling Co. Ltd, Scarborough SH146
1925-34: Owned by Thomas H Scales Ltd, Leith. Renamed MAY ISLAND LH194.
1930: Renamed MAY ISLAND, registered at Leith (LH. 194).
18 February 1936: Wrecked on south side of Lamba Ness, Shetland. All crew lost.

Crew list:

AUCHENLECK, D (41) Trimmer, 29 Admiralty Street, Leith
ALEXANDER, Graham (39), Second Engineer, 12 Winton Park. Cockenzie
BIRRELL. David (31) Second Fisherman, 42 West Forth Street, Cellardyke, Fife
BLAIKIE, John (28) (Deck Hand, Edinburgh Road, Cockenzie
HERD, James Chief Engineer, 47 Albany Street, Leith.
HERD, Scott (26) Fireman, 5 Bowling Green Street, Leith
SEARLE, R.J. (42) Cook, 12 Perth Street, Leith
TARVITT, James (31) Skipper, 22 Fowler Street, Cellardyke, Fife
TARVITT, John (39) Mate, 8 Fowler Street, Cellardyke, Fife
YOUNG, David Young (Jun) (27) Deck Hand, Bracklinn, Station Road, St Monance, Fife

Aberdeen Press & Journal, 01/02/1911:
Launch of a Trawler - Messrs Irvin and Sons' new vessel: Messrs Hall, Russell and Company, Ltd., launched from their yard at Footdee yesterday a steam trawler, built to the order of Messrs Richard Irvin and Sons, Ltd., Aberdeen. The vessel, which will take the highest class in Lloyd's register, is of the following dimensions: Length (b.p.), 115ft; breadth, 22ft; and depth, 12ft 9in. The steel boiler and triple expansion engine will be supplied and fitted by the builders.
The launching of the vessel was witnessed by large crowds of spectators. Mrs A. Spence Macdonald performed the ceremony, and, as the vessel gracefully left the ways she was named "A Spence Macdonald."
A cake and wine banquet was afterwards held, among those present being Mr A. Hall Wilson, who presided; Mr James Y. Hunter, Mr J. H. Anderson, and Mr Francis Coutts, and Mr A. Spence Macdonald, one of the directors; Mrs Spence Macdonald, and Mr James Tulloch.
The Chairman wished success to the trawler which had just been launched, and prosperity to her owners, Messrs Irvin and Sons. He thought the manner in which the trawler went down the ways when Mrs Spence Macdonald broke the bottle was a happy augury for the success of the vessel. He hoped the vessel would be a successful as the other which the company had built. (Applause) In the absence of Mr Irvin, through indisposition, he coupled the toast with the named of Mr A. Spence Macdonald.
Mr A. Spence Macdonald thanked the company for the way in which the toast had been received. This was the sixth of the series of these ships which Hall, Russell had launched. The other five had done very well, and it was to be hoped that this addition would be equally successful. (Applause)
Mr James Tulloch proposed the health of Mrs Spence Macdonald, who so gracefully named the vessel. It pleased him very much that the launch had been so successful, and he was sure they would drink very cordially to the health of the lady. (Applause)
Mr A. Spence Macdonald replied on behalf of his wife.
My Tulloch also proposed prosperity to the firm which had launched the vessel, and in doing so he made special reference to the chairman and Mr Hunter. These two gentlemen were discharging their duties as builders in a most thorough manner, keeping up the name and reputation of the firm for the first class vessels they turned out. They were pleased to know that the company had received an order from the Government to build one of their ships, and he hoped that was just one of the orders that would come from the Government. (Applause)
Mr Hall Wilson, in replying, said he was sure it would always be their endeavour to turn out such work as would give every satisfaction to their customer, and which would be a credit, not only to themselves but to the port of Aberdeen. (Applause)
"Bon-Accord" was given from the chair, and was heartily pledged.
Hall, Russell & Company, Limited
Richard Irvin & Sons Ltd
length 115.2' x breadth 22.1' x depth 11.9'
gross tonnage: 195 ton

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