Yard Number: 355
Registered Fishing Number: A473

Engine number 425, Lister Blackstone type ERS6MG/R3 (Oil 4SA 6cy 8 1/2" x 11 3/4")
Construction: Riveted/Welded

Average speed on trial 10.875 knots.

Launched 29 February 1968 by Mrs Leslie Conder, daughter of Mr Bruce.

Classed LR until 23 July 1982

SPINNINGDALE was the start of the John Lewis built/developed pocket trawlers. SPINNINGDALE was built for J. Forbes, the skipper and Bruce Stores (part owner and agent).
SPINNINGDALE fished from the starboard side only as the port side was enclosed to provide more cabin space for crew.
SPINNINGDALE was sold to Seaward Fishing (Aberdeen) in 1985. Lloyd's Register lists the vessel as being registered to Burriot Ltd, Aberdeen (a Spanish company) and owned by another Spanish Company, Burlort Ltd, managers Penfro Pache Ltd and registered to Fleetwood, Fishing No. FD29.
Sometime during 1985-90 SPINNINGDALE was altered to the Spanish fishing layout on their vessels.

1st February 2008, wrecked on St Kilda in heavy weather. All crew rescued by RAF.

From the BBC news website, 1st February 2008:

"The Spanish crew of a trawler that was driven aground in gale force winds and high seas on the island of Hirta, St Kilda, have been winched to safety.

The 14 crew had been unable to launch life rafts due to the poor conditions. All those on board were airlifted off by a Stornoway Coastguard helicopter.

The trawler, the Spinningdale, ran aground on rocks by steep cliffs.

The Maritime and Coastguard Agency's first female pilot, Liz Forsyth, was involved in the rescue, the MCA said.

An archipelago, St Kilda is the most remote part of the British Isles, lying 44 miles west of Benbecula.

Four of those who were aboard the vessel have been taken to hospital suffering from effects of the cold, while the others have received dry clothing and will be found accommodation.

The Marine Accident Investigation Branch will launch an investigation into the incident.

Lifeboat crews and coastguard teams were also alerted after the vessel ran aground.

A second helicopter, the RAF Sea King Rescue 137, was scrambled and put on stand-by to assist in the rescue operation.

Coastguards said removing the crewmen was not easy in the treacherous conditions.

Helicopter crews had to wait until first light before attempting the rescue.

They flew the boat's crew to Stornoway.

CHC Helicopter Corporation - the company which provides Stornoway's search and rescue copter - said the incident was the new S92's biggest challenge to date.

Ian McLuskie, search and rescue manager with CHC, said: "The rescue was performed in extreme weather conditions at a very hazardous location."

John Lewis & Sons
Bruces Stores (Aberdeen) Ltd, and others A473
length 77' 7" x breadth 20' 6" x depth 10' 9"
gross tonnage: 103 ton

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