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Ship "Queen Of Nations"  Ship "Queen Of Nations"

Official Number
Launched in April 1861
The vessel was lost on 31 May 1881 when bound out to Sydney.

Aberdeen Register of Shipping (Aberdeen City Archives):
Registered 14 May 1861; 2 decks, one poop and top gallant forecastle, 3 masts, barque 1875, shield figurehead.
Original owners: George Thompson Jr., William Henderson (both Aberdeen); Stephen Thompson, George Thompson Youngest (both London) [all shipowners - joint owners 48/64]; Walter Hood, Shipbuilder, Aberdeen (8/64); James Buyers, Shipowner, Aberdeen (8/64).
12/06/1861: Buyers 4/64 to Isaac Merchant, London.
27/12/1862: On death of Walter Hood intestate his 8 shares to Anne Hood, Spinster, Aberdeen.

Lloyd's Register of Shipping:
1861: Owner Thompson Jr.; Master T. Mitchell; Destined Voyage Aberdeen - Australia.
1863-64, 1865-66: Destined Voyage London - China.
1869-70, 1873-74, 1877-78, 1880-81: Destined Voyage London - Australia (Master A. Donald 1873-74, 1877-78, S. Bache 1880-81).

Lubbock, The Colonial Clippers:
Left Sydney 21/09/1865 (Capt. Thomas Mitchell) loeaded with 484 bales wood, 44 bales cotton, 1037 casks coconut oil, 219 casks tallow, 2602 ingots and plates copper, 62 tons gum, 9452 hides. Under Capt. Donald went Plymouth - Melbourne in 87 and 84 days. Wrecked Woollongong, New South Wales, 31 May 1881, when bound out to Sydney. All hands saved expect one.

Aberdeen Journal, 16/04/1862:
Marriage - at 3 Spring Bank Terrace, Aberdeen, Captain Thomas Mitchell, QUEEN OF NATIONS, to Mary Elizabeth, only daughter of late Captain George Alexander.

Leeds Mercury, 13/06/1876:
The Aberdeen built ship QUEEN OF NATIONS embarked the following emigrants for Brisbane, Queensland, at the south west India Docks [London] - 117 single men, 73 single women, 48 married couples, 50 children between ages 12 and 1 and 10 infants, making total of 293 souls.

Aberdeen Weekly Journal, 21/11/1879:
Deaths - washed overboard at sea 2 August, Archibald Donald, master of ship QUEEN OF NATIONS.

Birmingham Daily Post, 16/01/1880:
The ship QUEEN OF NATIONS was despatched from Plymouth sound for Brisbane with 288 emigrants - 15 married couples, 93 single men, 128 single women, 16 boys, 14 girls and 7 infants.

Liverpool Mercury, 02/06/1881:
The QUEEN OF NATIONS, from London for Sydney N.S.W. - the owners have received a telegram from Sydney stating that their ship has gone ashore at Woolougong. Her mainmast has gone and she is broken amidships. All crew saved except one seaman. Some cargo may be saved.

Brisbane Courier, 06/06/1881:
The wreck of the ship Queen of Nations, recently stranded near Woollongong, is to be sold by auction on Wednesday next, together with her cargo... the consignees protest against the sale as they consider the cargo can be got out safely.
(Source: Australian Historic Newspapers Online)

Brisbane Courier, 07/06/1881:
The consignees having protested against the proposed sale of the cargo of the stranded ship Queen of Nations. It has been countermanded. A stevadore is to proceed to the wreck in order to recover the cargo.
(Source: Australian Historic Newspapers Online)
Aberdeen White Star Line (George Thompson & Co)
length 190' x breadth 32' x depth 20'
Gross Tonnage: 878 ton

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