WOOD Rig: Brigantine
Date of Build/Launch: September 1826

Agent: J. Proudfoot

1 deck, 2 masts, brigantine rigged, square stern, standing bowsprit, carvel built, male bust figurehead.

Subscribing Owners in 1826:
David Copland, Merchant, 20 shares; Robert Spring, Baker, 4 shares; Alexander Davidson, Shipmaster, 12 shares; all Aberdeen.

Other Shareholders in 1826:
John Morrison, Shipmaster, 8 shares; John Lindsay, Miller, 8 shares; Bucksburn Mills; all Aberdeen. William Stoveld, Banker of Petworth, Sussex, 8 shares.

Master Alexander Davidson.

(Source: Aberdeen Register of Shipping (Aberdeen City Archives))

1828: Master Davidson; Voyage Dundee - Memel? (Modern Day Klaipeda, Lithuania)

Caledonian Mercury, 25/12/1828:
At Leith for Van Diemen's Land [Tasmania] and New South Wales, the 1st class coppered brig WILLIAM STOVELD, Captain A. Davidson, has elegant and very comfortable accommodation for a limited number of passengers in the cabin and will sail direct from the harbour about 15 January.

The Australian, 12/03/1830:
Arrived Sydney 11 March, brig WILLIAM STOVELD, Davidson master, from the South Sea Islands, lading coconut oil, arrowroot, pork, etc.

1830/31/32: Voyage Leith - N. S. Wales
1833: Voyage Leith - N. S. Wales

Sydney Monitor, 24/09/1836:
Arrived Sydney 22 Sept., brig WILLIAM STOVELD, from the sperm whale fishery, with 945 barrels oil, having left Sydney Feb 1835 (Davidson master)

The Australian, 31/08/1838:
Arrived Sydney 28 Aug., brig WILLIAM STOVELD, Davidson master, from South Seas with 1000 barrels oil.

1839/40/41: Owner Buckle & Co.; Registered London; Voyage London N. S. Wales

Standard (London), 22/11/1842:
Brig WILLIAM STOVELD, Captain Davidson, arrived off Sheerness, having left Leghorn [Livorno] 30 Sept. On 16 Oct., when off Cape Trafalgar during heavy squall, she was struck by lightening, which destroyed top gallant mast, topmast and main yard. All crew were on deck at the time and a few minutes previously were on the yards, but fortunately none received injury.

1843/44/45: Owner Lawson; Voyage London - New Zealand

The Australian, 01/06/1844:
Brig WILLIAM STOVELD, Davidson master, sailed 31 May for London with colonial produce and four passengers.

1846: Voyage London - Mediterranean
1847/1848: Master Urquhart; Voyage Liverpool - Galatz (on the River Danube)
1849: Master G. Smart; Voyage to Cork
1850/51: No Master/No voyage
1853: Master J. Mearns; Owner de Mattos; Voyage London - California
1856: Master W. Brown; Described as a Leith Coaster

Standard, 15/10/1857:
Arrived Gibraltar, brig WILLIAM STOVELD, from Alexandria and Malta with beans for Gibraltar, cleared for Cork or Falmouth.

Newcastle Courant, 17/12/1858:
Penzance, 13 Dec. brig WILLIAM STOVELD, Adamson, of London, from Shields to Constantinople with coals, leaky.

1861: Owner E. Roberts
1862/63, 1865/66: Master T. Harrison; Owner M. Scrafton; Registered Middlesborough; Voyage to Stockton

Liverpool Mercury, 09/12/1863:
Crew of sunk ship MARGARET QUAYLE made in boat for Clovelly, but mistook the lights at the wreck of the brig WILLIAM STOVELD, where men were working, for lights of Clovelly. Boat was put out from Clovelly to bring them in.

1867/68/69: Master T. Harrison; Owner M. Scrafton; Registered Middlesborough; Voyage to Stockton

1863: Report in "Shipwreck Index on the British Isles" Vol. 1 - 'near Clovelly Pier, Stranded/Total Loss'.

According to an enquirer, this vessel sank off the Devon coast.
David Copland, Robert Spring, Alex Davidson and others, Aberdeen
length 79 5/12' x breadth 23 1/12' x depth 15 1/12'
Registered Tonnage: 187 ton

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