Yard Number: 281

Renamed: BOSTON ATTACKER (1972); KATHIA (1977)

Owned in 1972 by Iago/Boston, Fleetwood and renamed BOSTON ATTACKER.
Owned in 1977 by Liberia Fish Ind, Corp. Panama and renamed KATHIA.

The CAPTAIN- prefix named vessels in Iago's fleets had their suffix name taken from Nelson's Captains at the Battle of Trafalgar such as Captain's Fremantle, Riou, Hardy, Foley and Inman hence the reason for the name of their CAPTAIN FREMANTLE.

Engine: 960bhp 6 cylinder M46M by British Polar Engines Ltd, Glasgow (No. 351)

1958: Nov. 26th, CAPTAIN FREMANTLE, fishing registration number LO22, launched for Iago Steam trawler Co. Ltd, 1959 Feb 17th. Completed and registered at London, home ported at Fleetwood.
1963: Iago Steam trawler Company acquired by Boston Deep Sea Fisheries, of Lowestoft, UK, for circa £1 million. Basil A. Parkes manager. Iago's ships initially retained their names/registrations but were re-painted in the livery of Boston DSF.
1972: March, renamed BOSTON ATTACKER, FD169, London registry closed and registered at Fleetwood.
1976: Feb. 18th, last catch landing in Fleetwood from Iceland due to closure of the Icelandic grounds to British trawlers when fishing limits extended to 200 miles after the third and final 'Cod War'.
1976: June 28th, laid up in Fleetwood.
1976: Nov. 30th, Sold to Liberia Fish Industries Corporation, Panama flag, together with her sister ship BOSTON MARAUDER FD168 (ex CAPTAIN HARDY, LO96)
1977: BOSTON ATTACKER renamed KATHIA (With BOSTON MARAUDER being renamed LINA).
1990: By this year she had been r/n KATHIA I
1998: Deleted from Lloyds Register as 'vessels continued existence in doubt'.
1998: Unconfirmed report that vessel broken up - no details available.
[Taken from an article series looking at ships named, or had within their name, 'Fremantle']
John Lewis and Sons
Iago Steam Trawler Co. Ltd, London LO22
length 136 1/3' x breadth 28 1/12' x depth 14 3/6'
Gross Tonnage: 448ton
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