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Presentation Snuff Box  Presentation Snuff Box


Owner: Aberdeen Arctic Company
1862: Master - Couldroy

1 deck, 2 masts, brig rigged, standing bowsprit, square stern, carvel built, female figurehead.

Subscribing Owners:
George Davidson, shipowner; Alexander Burnett Whyte, merchant; John Roy Jnr., merchant; William Hogarth, merchant; James Chalmers; printer; Alexander Littlejohn, merchant; William Lumsden Jnr., all trustees of the Arctic Company. (64 shares)
(Source: Aberdeen Register of Shipping (Aberdeen City Archives))

Captain Penny of the LADY FRANKLIN was Aberdeen's most enterprising whale skipper - almost single handed he helped the city's whaling industry survive until the 1860s.

In 1850-1851 he led an unsuccessful expedition to discover the fate of Sir John Franklin who had led an expedition to discover the North West Passage. A silver snuff box (see associated object) was presented to Captain Penny by the crew as a mark of respect 20th October 1857.

Aberdeen Journal, 30/08/1854:
Arrived Aberdeen from the Arctic regions brig "LADY FRANKLIN", a bumper ship, bringing about 180 tons of whale oil in a boiled state and 10-12 tons bone, the produce of 27 whales. This is the result... of a novel expedition commanded by Capt. Penny, the intrepid Arctic navigator. The work was carried out, not in the normal way of returning the same season, but by over-wintering and returning only when full. Leaving Aberdeen 13 Aug. 1853, voyage out was made in 19 days to land and 8 from Cape Farewell, destination being Hogarth Sound on West land of Davies Straits. 12 whales were taken before winter, during which thermometer was fully 40 degrees below zero. Work contiued all winter, boiling operations on "SOPHIA", with the party living on "LADY FRANKLIN", both vessels being iced in. The "LADY FRANKLIN", both vessels bring iced in. The "LADY FRANKLIN's" cargo being completed, Capt. P. left with her on 29 July.

Aberdeen Journal, 17/09/1856:
Brig "LADY FRANKLIN", Capt. Penny, arrived here from Hogarth Sound, where Captain P. and his crew have been prosecuting the fishing during the winter, with upwards of 100 tons of boiled oil and 6 tons whale bone, produce of 11 fish.

Morning Chronicle, 04/07/1857:
Remarkable coincidence that as the "FOX", fitted out by LADY FRANKLIN to search for remains of Sir John Franklin and his crew got under way from Aberdeen, the "LADY FRANKLIN" brig, purchased for the Arctic search under Capt. Penny several years ago, should just have left under Capt. P to pursue the whale fishery during the autumn and, wintering in Cumberland Straits, resume fishing in spring.

Caledonian Mercury, 22/11/1859:
Brig "LADY FRANKLIN", belonging to Aberdeen Arctic Co., commanded by well-known Capt. Penny, arrived Aberdeen from Cumberland Sound, having left Aberdeen only at end of June last and Shetland 12 July. He has cargo of 3 whales, about 60 tons oil and a few tons of bone, which will yield a fair return.

Daily News, 08/10/1867:
Captain and crew of brig "LADY FRANKLIN", 199 tons, were landed Dover 5p.m. yesterday. This ill-fated vessel was run into and sunk by steamship "DANZIG" of Leith at 1.30a.m. Captain and crew had only just time to scramble on board the steamer and were unable to save their clothes or any of their other property.

Lloyd's Register of Ahipping:
Pre 1865: No reference
1865-66: Brig, 199 tons, built Aberdeen 1850, Master W. Davies; Owner Bckngham; Port belonging to Aberdeen; Destined Voyage Aberdeen - Mediterranean.
1867-68: As above, except Owner F. Manuella, Port belonging to London.
length 101 3/12' x breadth 21 1/3' x depth 14'
Registered Tonnage: 201ton

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