IRON with 2 decks
Official Number
Launched in July 1876

Poop 48' long and Forecastle 42' Long

Information from Ships' Register:
Port No. 15 in 1876; Sailing Ship
2 decks, 3 masts, rigged as a ship, round stern, clench build, no gallery, billet head, iron framework.
Length from fore part of stern to aft side of head of sternpost 232' and 3 tenths.
Main breadth to outside of planking or plating 38' 0.5 tenths.
Depth in hold from tonnage deck to ceiling amidships 22' 2.5 tenths.
Tonnage under tonnage deck: 1185.22 ton
Forecastle: 56.63 ton
Poop: 107.92 ton
Roundhouse: 22.37 ton
TOTAL: 1372.14 ton
Deduction for crew spaces: 67.54 ton

William Henderson, Cornelius Thompson - both of Aberdeen, Stephen Thompson, 24 Leadenhall St., London - all shipowners - joint owners with 48 shares.
James Buyers, Shipowner of Aberdeen - 4 shares
Thomas Henry, Shipowner of West Brompton - 4 shares
Isaac Merchant, Shipowner and George King, accountant, both of 24 Leadenhall St. London - 4 shares each.
26 July 1877 on the death of Stephen Thompson some of his shares passed to William Henderson and Cornelius Thompson.
26 December 1878, 8 shares sold to George Thompson, youngest, of Binghill, Aberdeen.
3 January 1879 - shares listed as:
William Henderson and Cornelius Thompson, Joint Owners, 8 shares
James Buyers, 4 shares
Thomas Henry, 4 shares
Isaac Merchant, 4 shares
George King, 4 shares
George Thompson, youngest, 4 shares
William Henderson, Cornelius Thompson, Stephen Thompson and George Thompson Henderson, Joint Owners, 32 shares

According to Walter Hood's list the Master's name was Jamieson and according to Lloyd's List Jamieson was still master from 1876 to 1884 at least.

SMYRNA sailed regularly between London and Sydney carrying wool as a cargo.



1 August 1877: SMYRNA - Captain Jamieson at Point de Galle from Sydney.
2 May 1878: From The Standard, London, Thursday 2 May Advertisement by Davitt & Moore's Australia Line of Steam & Clipper Packets: - The following high class vessels and favourite passenger ships will be despatched as under:
Port - Sydney; Ship - SMYRNA; Captain - R. Jamieson; Docks - East India; To Sail - May 18.
1 June 1880: SMYRNA, Capt. Jamieson passed the Lizard from Sydney - all well.
16 October 1880: SMYRNA, Capt. Jamieson at Sydney from London.
25 September 1881: SMYRNA, Capt. Jamieson at Sydney from London.
7 January 1882: Left Sydney - April 30th arrived London 113 days.
20 June 1882: SMYRNA, Capt. Jamieson cleared out of London for Sydney.
20 September 1882: SMYRNA, Capt. Jamieson, arrived Sydney from London.
5 January 1883: SMYRNA, Capt. Jamieson, sailed Sydney to London.
27 April 1883: SMYRNA, Capt. Jamieson, off the Eddystone on a voyage Sydney to London.
14 January 1883: Left Sydney - arrived London April 30, 106 days.
30 April 1883: SMYRNA passed East of Dover in tow.

Left Sydney 7 January 1882 - London 30 April 1883 - 113 days
Left Sydney 14 January 1884 - London 30 April 1884 - 106 days
Left Sydney 18 January 1886 - London 24 April 1887 - 96 days
Left Sydney 12 November 1887 - London 13 March 1888 - 122 days
Left London 24 April 1888 for Sydney. Sank 28 April 1888 after collision with S.S. MOTO.

'Voyage of an Aberdeen Emigrant Ship to Sydney'
'The ship SMYRNA arrived on Saturday September 29th from Plymouth with 412 emigrants on board on board for this colony. Captain Jamieson, her commander, has brought her out in first class trim and unlike many of the emigrant ships which have come out here, she is exceptionally clean and tidy and an inspection of the vessel at once shows that great attention has been paid to the matter of keeping her in order from truck to keel. The good health that the emigrants have experienced throughout the voyage is, therefore, easily accounted for, and when, out of 412 emigrants, there occurred only 1 death and that being a child from general debility, it will be at once imagined that much comfort and attention has been shown toward them. The deceased name was Sophia Clegg and her age 2 years. The emigrants are classified as follows: - married couples, 52; single men, 110; single women, 83; children 94 - consisting of 51 girls under 12 and 43 boys under the same age; and 15 infants.
After passing Cape Leeuwin, the barometer showed indications of a gale and on the 19th September whilst Philip Nunn, an apprentice on board, was engaged stowing sail on the mizzen topgallant yard he fell overboard. A boat was at once and, in a futile effort to save Nunn, 2 men - named J. Glass, boatswain, and A. Norbey, A.B., were drowned. There was a heavy sea on at the time, and the boat was only lowered amid much swell. The unfortunate disaster created much regret amongst the emigrants, all who witnessed it testifying to the fact that the two men showed unlimited courage on the occasion. There were 3 births on board. The surgeon was Mr. J. Perkins and the Matron Miss Drew, in whose praise the emigrants speak highly. One of the men drowned, Alexander Norbey, is, we believe, an Aberdonian, and the boy Nunn is the son of a clergyman in the North of England - this was his second voyage. Many of the emigrants on board the SMYRNA belonged to Aberdeenshire and the North. The SMYRNA is owned by George Thompson, Jnr., & Company of Aberdeen'.

'1885 SMYRNA - Captain Spalding arrived Sydney - September 21st
1886 SMYRNA - Captain Spalding reported off the Eddystone Light from Sydney for Antwerp on April 20th
1887 SMYRNA - Captain Taylor sailed from Sydney for London on September 12th
On 28th April 1888 when outward bound from London to Sydney with a general cargo the SMYRNA foundered after collision with the steamship SS "MOTO" of Newcastle on Tyne in a position 14 miles SSW of the Needles Rocks, Isle of Wight, in position 50°26'N 1°41'30"W.
12 men were lost namely - Mr Golditt Colby of London (pilot); Thomas Taylor, of Aberdeen; Captain Fowler; third mate; William Alexander, the carpenter; Hare, Cook, and seven able seamen named Stirling, Short, Horten, Hamblin, Bain, Turner and Nelson. 19 men saved were namely - Johnston, Chief Mate; Alexander Walker, Second Mate; G. Smith, Steward; G. Fraser, Boatswain; Charles Bremner, Sailmaker; Donald, Urquhart and Neil, apprentices; Saxby and Foot, ordinary seamen; Watt, Boatswain's mate; Jackson, Peterson, F. Bull, Oscar Carlson, James Cunningham, James Robertson, G. Wilson and James Tarby - able seamen'.

SMYRNA was run into by the steamer MOTO on 28 April 1888, during a thick fog off the Isle of Wight, when outward bound to Sydney and sank with Captain Taylor and 11 crew. 17 survivors were rescued by the steamship MOTO and landed at Southampton.

Dundee Courier & Argus of Monday 30 April 1888, Issue 10860
Aberdeen Weekly Journal of Monday 30 April 1888, Issue 10366

Crew of 29
Crew Lost: 11
Pilot Lost: 1
Passenger Lost: 1
The passenger was a Channel Pilot who lost his life along with eleven of the crew.

MI Inscription, grave 91, St. Clements churchyard, Aberdeen:
"In loving memory of William Alexander beloved husband of Helen Horn who was drowned in the English Channel by the sinking of the ship SMYRNA of Aberdeen by collision on 28 April 1888 aged 39".
Aberdeen White Star Line (George Thompson & Co)
length 232 9/12' x breadth 38 3/6' x depth 22 3/12'
gross tonnage 1372.14 tons (1305 tons net)

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