Official Number
Launched in February 1881

Master 1882-83 D. Bain

'The Orontes was more of a deadweight carrier than a clipper. After a plodding life with no very startling adventures, she was run into and sunk on 23 October 1903 by the SS Oceana when almost in sight of Ostend, whither she was bound from a nitrate port.
(Source: Lubbock 'The Colonial Clippers')

Below is a list of voyages between London, Sydney and back to London. General cargo was shipped to Australia with wool returning to Britain. All the voyages listed were under the command of her most famous Master D. Bain and the ships carpenter was David Alexander from Aberdeen:

Sailed London 10th May 1882, Returned to London 15th Feb 1883
Sailed London 10th March 1883, Returned to London 1st May 1884
Sailed London 26th May 1884, Returned to London 31st March 1885
Sailed London 23rd May 1885, Returned to London 7th Jan 1886
Sailed London 5th April 1886, Returned to London 23rd April 1887
Sailed London 21st July 1887, Returned to London 13th March 1888
Sailed London 16th May 1888, Returned to London 22nd Jan 1889
Sailed London 5th March 1889, Returned to London 24th Jan 1890

ORONTES was the last ship built by Walter Hood & Co.

Details of a race between ORONTES and the ETHIOPIAN:
'The ETHIOPIAN made her first voyage to Melbourne in sixty-eight days under Capt. William Edward, sailing her last voyage under the British Flag in 1886, being by that time reduced to a barque rig.
On her passage home from Sydney she had a remarkable race with the iron ship ORONTES. The two vessels cast off their tugs together outside Sydney Heads, proceeded to sea and next sighted each other off the Horn, afterwards being becalmed together in the Doldrums, then both spore the same ship (exchanged signals) off the Azores or Western Isles. As they reached the Channel, ORONTES came up under the counter of ETHIOPIAN, which was hove-to taking soundings in fog. Finally ETHIOPIAN made the East India Docks one tide ahead of ORONTES, thus winning the race and a considerable sum in wagers'.
(Source: Lubbock 'The Colonial Clippers')
Walter Hood and Co
Aberdeen White Star Line (George Thompson & Co)
length 234' 8" x breadth 36' 1" x depth 22' 5"
gross tonnage 1318 ton

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