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Clunie", Steam Coaster  Clunie", Steam Coaster

Official Number
Iron Screw Steamer, ketch rigged.
Yard no. 168
Official Number 94258
Registered at Aberdeen 25 January 1889.

1 deck, 2 masts
Engines by Hall Russell - 1 pair compound surface condensing direct acting, 40 horsepower.

Owner William Todd Moffat, 27 Shiprow, Aberdeen.

Aberdeen Weekly Journal, 28/1/1889:
Steamer Clunie, built by John Duthie, Sons, and Co., Footdee, left Aberdeen for Kennetpaws [Forth] to take in a cargo. Commander Capt. Brown.

Glasgow Herald, 2/2/1889:
Steamer Clunie, of Aberdeen, Kennetpaws - Aberdeen with coal, ran aground on mud flat at entrance of river Carron while coming down Firth of Forth. Attempt was made to get her off with tug, but she still remains high and dry at low water, but perfectly safe on soft mud. Arrangements being made to lighten her.

Glasgow Herald, 5/6/1889:
Seaman's and fireman's agitation - members of Aberdeen branch of union struck work on several vessels, including steamer Clunie discharging coal.

Aberdeen Weekly Journal, 23/9/1889:
As steamer Clunie, owned by Mr. W.T. Moffat, commanded by Capt. Campbell was leaving Aberdeen harbour, part of her machinery broke down and vessel was unable to proceed on her voyage to Kennetpaws.

9 October 1889: 10 shares to Alexander Macallan Gray, 4 Albert Street, Aberdeen, railway store superintendent.

12 October 1889: 12 shares to James Elsmie, 22 Regent Quay, Aberdeen, shipowner and 2 shares to Alexander Youngson, 30 North Albert St., Aberdeen, cashier.

18 October 1889: 8 shares to William Taylor, 168 West George Street, Glasgow, accountant. Moffat now managing owner.

1890-91: Master Muir

Dundee Courier, 15/5/1890:
William Ogilvie, dock labourer overbalanced from plank on board steamer Clunie, discharging coal at Earl Grey dock and fell into hold from height of 18 feet - severely shaken and removed to infirmary.

Aberdeen Journal, 27/2/1891:
As result of a federation man bringing a crew for steamer Clunie, about 400 quay labourers decided to throw their lot with the seamen and not to discharge any vessel manned by federation seamen. The police and mob came into conflict and blows were exchanged freely while the labourers were seeking to prevent a federation crew being put onto the Clunie - they were charged by police.

Glasgow Herald, 28/2/1891:
Clunie got a partial federation crew and left for Firth of Forth.

Standard, 9/6/1891:
Serious rioting at Aberdeen docks while 3 federation men were being taken to steamer Clunie. Police were compelled to charge the mob.

Glasgow Herald, 26/11/1894:
The small steamer Clunie, of Aberdeen, Kennetpaws - Aberdeen, ran aground on sands east of Burntisland, but floated next tide and proceeded.

1898-99: Master J. Thain

Dundee Courier, 14/2/1900:
Steamer Clunie, Berwick - Dunkirk in Ballast, struck Berwick Pier when leaving, no damage visible on inspection and proceeded.

1910-11: Master J. Cheyne

8 March 1913: Wrecked west of Buckie harbour on voyage from Sunderland to Buckie with coal.
length 122' 4" x breadth 20' 3" x depth 10'
tonnage 190 tons

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