Yard Number: 235
Date of Built/Launch: October 1863
Owner: Lewin and Co., London

MacGregor, "The Tea Clippers":
Levin & Co., London, held half the shares, Capt. Hames Killick 8. Dragon figurehead, built with a poop. Cost £14,724. Contracted for at £19 per ton OM.
Capt. Kemballis fine performance in her (1867, 117 days Foochow-London), when he beat 5 ships all acknowledged to be faster than his gained him command of THERMOPYLAE. 2 October 1871, was wrecked on the Paracels, bound for New York from Foochow, under Capt. Smith, who was amongst those lost.

Lloyd's Register:
1865-6: Owners Lewin & Co.; Port belonging to London; Master W. Billing.
1868-9, 1869-70: Master Kemball; Destined voyage London-Australia.
1870-1: Master W. Smith; Destined voyage London-Australia.
1871-2: Master W. Smith; Destined voyage London-China.

The average classification for composite clippers at Lloyd's was 16A1. The YANG-TSZE was classed 13A1 and cost £19 per ton. When she was constructed in 1863, 13A1 was almost the highest awarded at Lloyd's. Later the number of years was extended and she was classed 17A1.

The description of the YANG-TSZE taken from Lloyd's Register survey report begins with the following general remarks:
'This vessel is well built, with iron frames and wood skin, for the twelve years grade, under a permanent water-tight roof, for an additional period of another year. She has a poop, built in accordance with rule Section 37 and 38. The whole of the outside planking is fastened with 1 inch galvanized iron screw bolts with nutts, the heads sunk into the planks 1 1/4 inches to admit of plugs over them, which are fastened in with marine glue, to protect the action of the copper sheathing, there being no other sheathing worked. The keelson is fitted as a complete box, the bottom plates rivetted down to each floor. The bilge keelsons are bulb iron 7 1/2 by 9/16 with double angle irons 9/16, 5 by 5, 16 pairs of diagonal strap, inside the frames 3/4 by 5m extending from deck beams down the bilge keelsons, rivetted to each frame. One pair of diagonal plates rivetted outside the frames 5/8 in. thick by 12 inches, extending from upper part of midship frame down to the fore and after deadwoods. Stronger plates on beam ends 3/4 by 24 inches. Plates on each side the patchways 1/2 in by 12 and diagonal plates on top of keel extending from fore deadwood to after deadwood 3/4 by 26 inches, bolted through the keel and garboard strakes. The garboard strakes are also horizontally bolted through the keel and each other, with 1 inch galvanized iron'.
William Wallis, the surveyor who wrote this report, inspected her on thirty occasions between April and October 1863. His fee amounted to £39.8 shillings.

Alexander Hall and Co., always issued their own certificate of building as follows:
THESE are to certify that we Alexander Hall & Co., Shipbuilders, did build and launch from our building yard at Aberdeen in the County of Aberdeen, North Britain, the ship or vessel called YANG-TSZE of London, account David Duncan Lewin, New Wimbledon, County of Surrey, Merchant, James Killick, Ship and Insurance Broker, Edward Tiernan, Tea Broker, Wm Rushton Adamson, Merchant, Charles Henry Head, Merchant, all of London and County of Middlesex, that she has two decks, three masts, ship rigged, carvel built, round stern, no quarter galleries, a dragon figurehead, frame work is iron and planking of wood. That its length from the fore part of the main stern under the Bowsprit to the aft side of the head of the stern post is 179 1/2 feet, its breadth to outside of outer plank is 29 3/4 feet, its depth of hold from ceiling to deck at midship is 18 4/10 feet, and it measures under the tonnage deck 636 51/100 tons, a poop measuring 52 04/100 - gross 686 55/100. First purchasers viz David Duncan Lewin 32/64, James Killick 8/64, Edward Tiernan 8/64, Wm Rushton Adamson 8/64, Charles Hendry Head 8/64 shares. 772 Tons Builders' Measurement.
Given under our hands at Aberdeen this 3rd day of October 1863.
(sgd) Alex Hall & Co.'

The cost of the complete building and outfit of the YANG-TSZE was split up as follows:
Carpenters Wages - £3275 0s 0d
Iron Work and Rigging - £472 14s 4d
Iron Work of Hull - £652 4s 2d
Iron Work of Masts, Yards, Tanks & c - £613 19s 7d
Block Making - £164 7s 4d
Boat Building - £102 4s 8d
Pitch, Tar and Oakum - £165 5s 3d
Painting - £128 11s 5d
Angle and Beam Iron - £937 2s 2d
Iron Plates - £1021 3s 7d
Bolts & Nuts - £385 12s 0d
Sheathing & Nails - £670 11s 3d
Patent Reefing Gear - £136 16s 10d
Chains & Anchors - £405 2s 7d
Patent Pumps - £42 14s 0d
Plumber's Work - £78 17s 0d
1/2 Lloyd's Fees - £19 14s 0d
G. Jordan - Royalty on 688 tons, @ 2/- per ton - £68 16s 8d
Carver - £13 10s 0d
Commission to Killick & Co, and Lightning Conductors - £146 13s 10d
Miscellaneous - £137 16s 7 1/2d
Timber & Plank used in building this vessel - £3085 7s 8 1/2d
TOTAL - £14,724 5s 0d

The YANG-TSZE had been launched without masts or bowsprit, but with 50 tons of stone ballast built into the bottom when fitted out for sea complete with 450 tons stone ballast aboard in addition to the above, she drew 14ft of water forward and 15ft 2in aft.

She was also equipped with the following spare spars for wear and tear and storm damage:
4 top mast stunsail booms
4 top gallant stunsail booms
4 royal stunsail booms
5 top mast stunsail yards
4 top gallant stunsail yards
4 royal stunsail yards
1 Pitch Pine spare spar, 53' long, 16 in dia.
1 Red Pine spare spar, 45' long, 16 in dia.
2 Spruce spare spars, 40' long, 9 in dia.
2 Sprure spare spars, 34' long, 8 in dia.

Source 'The China Bird' by David MacGregor.

A. HALL & Co.
length 179.5' x breadth 31' x depth 18.3'
gross tonnage 688 tons

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