Official Number
Yard Number: 322
Officer Number: 88866
Owners A. Nicol.
Launched January 1885.

Sister ship of TORRIDON built for the London - Australia trade. At the launch there was a large and fashionable company of ladies and gentlemen within the yard and the dockyards and quays were also thronged with people. A cake and wine banquet was held in the offices of the owner when the usual complimentary toasts were pledged. Naming was by Mrs Webster of Edgehill. Master Captain Brown with 26 to 30 crew.

Registered at Aberdeen 18/03/1885; two decks, three masts, ship rigged, round stern, clinch built, no gallery, three quarter female figure, iron cargo vessel, one bulkhead, collision.

Initial owners George Nicol, John Blaikie Nicol (24 & 6 shares apiece), John Brown, ship master (6 shares), Wiliam Shepherd, ship master (4 shares), John Webster, advocate (4 shares) - all of Aberdeen, plus Jane Nicol, Murtle House, widow (4 shares) and Frederick Holkhem Dauger, Ealing, merchant (16 shares).

21/07/1885 William Shepherd sold 2 shares to Charles Shepherd, manager of Aberdeen Steam Navigation Co.
18/08/1885 George William Nicol sold 2 shares to Johnston Philip, Broom Lodge, Kintore, brewer.

Master 1886-1900 J. Brown, survey London & 1898 Sydney.

1898: Owner A. Nicol & Co., Aberdeen.
21/9/1906: Regsitry closed on sale to Italian owners for £4,400.
1908: Owners Captain G.B. Drago, Genoa.
1916: Owners Corrado, Genoa, renamed SANTA CATERINA.
1921: Burned out while unloading at Genoa.
1923: Demolished.

The Standard, London, 12/4/1886:
Passage to Sydney - Victoria line. The splendid new Aberdeen built ship YALLAROI, 100 AI, 2800 tons burthen, will be despatched from East India Dock early in May. Saloon is fitted for accommodation of limited number of passengers in a most superior manner. Second class passengers will be berthed in a roomy house on deck.

Newcastle Morning Herald, New South Wales, 21/8/1886:
New iron ship YALLAROI of Alexander Nicol & Co.'s line of Aberdeen clippers, completed another voyage London-Sydney on Tuesday. Left London 10 May with miscellaneous cargo and had light baffling winds down the Channel. 14 May pilot landed start point [Devon]. W to SW winds from there until getting until the N.E. trades. Equator crossed 8 June in 29'W [off Brazil]. S.E. trades fallen in with in latitude 85, succeeded 225 by light unsteady winds and calms, which continued until Meridian of Cape of Good Hope, 16 July in latitude 485. In making her easting nothing but light unsteady winds until thereafter squally unsettled weather. Leuwin passed 5 August and Cape Otway 12 August. Captain John Brown is still in command and brings the ship into port in first class order.

Sydney Morning Herald, 15/12/1890:
Now a full ship will take from Sydney 7,800 bales wool, the largest cargo for a sailor this season. Captain Brown looks forward to an early appearance on the Thames. This ship is kept always in strikingly good order and her presence at the Quay attracts a large amount of attention every season. She is now bright as a new pin and, having been in dock, there is nothing to stop her being in perfect trim.

Sydney Morning Herald, 15/10/1891:
'The Yallaroi left London July 5, had westerly winds down Channel, passed the Lizard July 10. Variable and light winds were met with to 33° N 19° W where the N.E. trades were fallen in with. They proved light throughout and gave out in 12° N. The Equator was crossed on August 10 in long. 25.30 ° W. The S.E, trades were light and moderate throughout, with one break of southerly wind for 36 hours, which necessitated the ship being put on the starboard tack. After losing the trades had light variable winds till passing the meridian of the Cape of Good Hope on September 11 in Lat 41° S with strong breezes from N to S.E., with very dirty wet, squally weather, and a very heavy southerly swell to Bass's Straights. The meridian of Cape Leuwin was passed on Oct1, Cape Otway 7 p.m. Oct 11, reported off Green Cape 10 a.m. Oct 12.
Light weather off the coast with lightning and thunder at night. Arrived at 11 a.m.'
(with thanks to Chris Moore)

Sydney Morning Herald, 31/1/1893:
The splendid clipper YALLAROI yesterday cleared for London - a full ship, 7070 bales wool and a large quantity of miscellaneous produce, is in good trim for making a passage.

Newcastle Morning Herald, 4/10/1893:
YALLAROI arrived Sydney in command of Captain Brown, 8 October with cargo of salt (left Sharpness 30 June).

Glasgow Herald, 13/7/1894:
YALLAROI, ship of Aberdeen, London for Sydney, spoken 8 July 45 N, 8 W [off Cape Finisterre].

Sydney Morning Herald, 11/4/1899:
YALLAROI arrived London 8 April from Sydney after passage of 115 days.

Aberdeen Weekly Journal, 22/6/1899:
YALLAROI, ship, spoken 31 N 19 W [off Morocco], Peterhead-Sydney, all well.

Sydney Morning Herald, 31/8/1899:
YALLAROI, Capt. Brown, London-Sydney, yesterday passed Watson's Promontary 96 days out.

Aberdeen Weekly Journal, 8/3/1900:
YALLAROI passed Beachy Head 7 March from Sydney for London.

Sydney Evening News, 21/2/1901:
YALLAROI, sailed from Sydney 18 October, arrived London 19 February. She carried 6004 bales wool, 966 casks tallon, 3230 bags concentrates and quantity of timber, skins, bones and antimony ore.

Sydney Morning Herald, 20/9/1901:
YALLAROI will be floated into dock today and come out tomorrow. Will immediately make start with loading for January wool sales. Should be despatched about 10 October in ample time for January sales (arrived London 24 February after passage of 108 days in time for March sales - Sydney Morning Herald, 3/3/1902).

Newcastle Morning Herald, 2/9/1904:
YALLAROI at present discharging general cargo from London at Sydney, will next week load quantity of wheat as stiffening, will then proceed to Newcastle to discharge about 900 tons of original cargo, then return to Sydney to complete loading of her wheat cargo for U.K or the continent.

Daily Commercial News, Sydney, 10/10/1912:
YALLAROI has been chartered to load tiles at Marseilles for Dunedin and Lyttleton [New Zealand]. Now under Italian ownership, she has succumbed to steam on her original route and must go wherever a cargo can be secured. May visit Australia to load coal or wheat cargo at Newcastle.

Sydney Morning Herald, 15/9/1932:
Death in Essex at age of 90 of Captain John Brown, late Master of famous clipper ship YALLAROI. He superitended her building, was immediately appointed Master and retained command until YALLAROI was sold to Italian owners about 1905-06.

1910 owners G. B. Drago fu F., registered Genoa, Italy. Master L. Grazzolo, since 1909.

A. HALL & Co.
John Brown
length 246' 3" x breadth 38' x depth 22' 1"
Gross Tonnage: 1565 tons

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