Official Number
Yard Number: 275

Managed by Edward J. Savage, 87 Waterloo Quay, Aberdeen.

Master 1898-99 J. F. Black
Master 1910-11 F. Ward

On 22 November 1905, HOGARTH ran down the sailing drifter POMEGRANATE off Lowestoft, seven lives lost.

On 25 October 1913, HOGARTH collided with the sailing ship MIRROR, which sank with four lives lost.

On 7 June 1918, HOGARTH was torpedoed and sunk by the German submarine UB 107 off the Longstone Light, Farne Islands whilst on passage from London to Aberdeen with a general cargo. One survivor was picked up after nearly two days on a raft but 26 men, including the Master D. Stephen, were lost.

Transcript of letter:

'Dear Mrs Cooper
I think it well to send you the following particulars now received by our London agent from Gunner Bunting regarding the disaster to the "Hogarth".
"I have seen Bunting, and he says Flamboro' Head was passed 7.20pm on 7th inst. and they would be just north of the Tyne, and what he reckoned about 30 miles south of the Farnes, when the vessel was struck by a torpedo on the starboard side - amidships, evidently striking the boilers, which in his opinion exploded at the same time as the torpedo.
Everything seemed to be smashed, and all was over in 4 minutes; practically no time for anyone below to save themselves. It was a very quiet still night with a smooth calm sea and not dark.
His story is that the "Watch" had just changed at midnight Friday 7th. He was in his cabin under the bridge, whilst his mater Robertson had gone aft to the gun position. He had just got his boots off when all at once he was shot out of his cabin - he thought upwards - and into the water, when he managed to clutch hold of what he ultimately found to be the raft placed on Boat Deck, but was then almost immediately sucked under through the sinking of the vessel, and on coming to the surface and recovering himself found everything vanished - at some distance he heard the cries of two men. He called out to them to "Keep a good heart" and for half an hour or so he heard them, and then all was still. On daylight coming in he saw nothing but wreckage floating about but none of the boats, only portions of these. About an hour after he saw a Patrol boat going north but too far off to hear his cries, and saw nothing more until towards evening when an Aeroplane flew overhead and at some distance saw sweepers working. At the time of the torpedoing it was low water and the flood carried him south, the ebb carried him north to the Farnes, the following flood took him more towards the land, and the succeeding ebb carried him inside the Farnes and into the Forth when he was seen and picked up by an escort of a convoy - "Othello" 8:30am Sunday 9th and taken to North Shields. His right leg was injured below the knee, and the lower portion of leg of his trousers torn off.
His right hand was also injured and a severe bruise on his left shoulder, but these injuries are getting on satisfactorily."
Yours very truly,
Edward ?
21st June 1918'

The Crew of the Steamship Hogarth, June 1918:

Adamson, Alexander, Able Bodied Seaman, 1 Bannermill Street, Aberdeen, aged 19, listed as Fireman. Son of William Lindsay Adamson and Jemina Adamson (nee Christie), of 1 Bannermill St., Aberdeen. Born at Montrose.

Anderson, Alexander G., Engineer, 64 Bedford Place, Aberdeen, listed as Second Engineer. Husband of Annie Jane Anderson (nee Brown), of 64 Bedford Place, Aberdeen.

Barnett, John, Carpenter, 103 George Street, Aberdeen, aged 33.

Binnie, Alexander, Trimmer, 550 Great Western Road, Aberdeen, aged 43. Son of the late Alexander and Isa Binnie; husband of Agnes Donald Binnie (nee Boddie), of 550 Gt. Western Rd., Aberdeen.

Bodie, Alexander Ingram, Cook, 41 Sunnyside Road, Aberdeen, aged 37. Son of John and Margaret Bodie; husband of Jeannie Bodie (nee Sangster), of 28 Jessmine Terrace.

Bowles, Albert Edward, Trimmer, 11 Marischal Street, Aberdeen aged 18. Son of Robertina Fraser (formerly Bowles, nee George), and the late Robert Bowles; husband of Margaret Bowles (nee Wood), of 11 Marischal St., Aberdeen.

Byres, Stephen Reynolds, Able Bodied Seaman, 52 Frederick Street, Aberdeen, aged 58. Son of Agnes Byres, and the late William Byres; husband of Williamina Byres (nee Mackie), of 52 Frederick St., Aberdeen. Born at Peterhead.

Cheyne, George W., Able Bodied Seaman, 18 Rosebank Place, Aberdeen, aged 33, listed as Greaser. Son of James Cheyne and the late Mary Cheyne; husband of Bessie Cheyne (nee Erridge), of 18 Rosebank Place, Aberdeen. Born in Michigan, U.S.A.

Cooper, John, Able Bodied Seaman, 22 Charlotte Street, Aberdeen. Listed as Greaser. Brother of Mr E Cooper, of Jasmine Terrace, Aberdeen. Formerly at 36 York Street, Peterhead.

Cormack, Peter, Fireman, 28 Watson Street, Aberdeen, aged 33. Son of the late George and Margaret Cormack; husband of Ann Isabella Hardie Cormack (nee Scott) of 28 Watson St., Aberdeen. Born at Aberdeen.

Dunlop, James Alexander, Fireman, 22 Hanover Street, Aberdeen, aged 31, listed as Donkeyman. Son of James Alexander Dunlop and the late Christina Falconer Dunlop. Husband of Jessie Ann Dunlop (nee Davidson), of 25 Justice St., Aberdeen.

Gibb, Duncan Forbes, Fireman, 51 Park Street, Aberdeen, aged 33.
Son of the late Duncan Forbes Gibb and Margaret Morgan Gibb; husband of Elizabeth Findley Gibb (nee McBain), of 51 Park St., Aberdeen. Born at Aberdeen.

Main, Harry, Fireman, 14 Hanover Street, Aberdeen, aged 34. Son of the late Alexander Main and Ann Main; husband of Mary L. Main (nee Davidson), of 14 Hanover St., Aberdeen. Born at Aberdeen.

Marr, George, Chief Steward, 55 Albury Road, Aberdeen, listed as Steward. Husband of Helen Marr, of 55 Albury Rd., Aberdeen.

McBain, George, Able Bodied Seaman, 47 Justice Street, Aberdeen, aged 61. Son of George and Margaret McBain; husband of Helen McBain (nee Sutherland), of 72 Commerce St., Aberdeen. Born at Aberdeen.

McDonald, John, Boatswain, 77 Waterloo Quay, Aberdeen, aged 54. Son of the late Duncan and Kate McDonald; husband of Jeannie Ann McDonald (Nee Eddie), of 77 Waterloo Quay, Aberdeen. Born at Stornoway.

Porter, David, Able Bodied Seaman, 6 Raeburn Place, Aberdeen, aged 34. Son of A. and Jane Porter (nee Greenlaw); husband of Marjory Ann Porter (nee Munro), of 6 Raeburn Place, Aberdeen. Born at Banff.

Ritchie, Andrew, Able Bodied Seaman, 44 Grampian Road, Aberdeen, aged 45. Son of the late John and Wilhamina Ritchie (nee Naughton); husband of Elspet Anderson Ritchie (nee Watson), of 44 Grampian Rd., Torry, Aberdeen. Born at Aberdeen.

Robb, Alexander, Able Bodied Seaman, 42 Bedford Road, Aberdeen, aged 34. Son of Peter and Mary Robb (nee Gray); husband of Caroline Robb (nee Saxby), of 202 Bankhead Rd., Bucksburn, Aberdeenshire. Born at Collieston.

Robertson, James B. M., Chief Engineer, 6 Caroline Place, Aberdeen, listed as First Engineer. Husband of Caroline Anne Robertson, of 6 Caroline Place, Aberdeen.

Smart, Alexander, Chief Officer, 1 Baltic Place, Aberdeen, aged 45, listed as Mate. Son of the late Alexander and Jessie Metcalfe Smart; husband of Jane Fraser Smart (nee Fraser), of 1 Baltic Place, Aberdeen. Born at Macduff.

Smith, Alexander Walker, Fireman, 24 Park Street, Aberdeen, aged 31. Son of William Smith and the late Annie Smith (nee Knight); husband of Mary Smith (nee Dunlop), of 24 Park St., Aberdeen. Born at Aberdeen.

Stephen, David S., Captain, 7 Springbank Terrace, Aberdeen, aged 55, listed as Master. Son of the late Mr. and Mrs. John Stephen, of Ferryden, Montrose; husband of Jane Stephen, of 1 Hawthorne Terrace, Aberdeen.
Presented with Gold Watch from British Indian Steam Navigation Co., on 25th Oct., 1916, for standing by one of their steamers which was torpedoed; also presented with Lloyd's Silver Medal in June, 1918; also cheque for saving another steamer in same position.

Stewart, William. Captain, 113 Crombie Road, Aberdeen, listed as Second Mate. Son of Mrs. Ann Stewart, of 104 King St., Aberdeen; husband of Maggie Stewart, of 113, Crombie Rd., Torry.

Niklasan, Charles: Able Bodied Seaman, Died 07/06/1918. Age 30. Mercantile Marine, SS Hogarth (Aberdeen). Memorial: Tower Hill Memorial
Lost at sea. SS Hogarth which was torpedoed off Northumberland 07/06/1918. CWGC lists as Niels Carl Sofus Niclasen, and death as 08/06/1918. Son of Mrs. Ellen Katrin Niclasen, of Klaksvig, Faroe Islands.

Details from the Commonwealth War Graves Commission.
With thanks to Scott Burnett.

Aberdeen Weekly Journal, 21/2/1893:
Steamer HOGARTH arrived London yesterday afternoon. All well. Pleasant passage.

Northern Echo, 9/1/1894:
Steamer HOGARTH passed Flamborough head today bound north and signalled "Have been in collision, serious damage to watertight compartment." (10/1/1894: Arrived Aberdeen with starboard bow badly damaged in collision with steamer SIKS)

Dundee Courier, 23/6/1896:
Aberdeen seaman drowned in London - Alexander Morrice, of Aberdeen S.N. Co.'s steamer HOGARTH drowned at Limehouse Wharf. He was cleaning brass work on side of vessel Friday evening when he lost his balance, fell into the water and is supposed to have suffocated in the mud. Of 25 years, he was married and leaves widow and 2 children.

Aberdeen Weekly Journal, 12/8/1896:
Aberdeen S.N. Co.'s steamer HOGARTH brought 279 passengers on last voyage from London, a record. (Previous largest was 260 last summer.)
Hall, Russell & Company, Limited
Aberdeen Steam Navigation Company
length 253' x breadth 32'7" x depth 17'6"
Gross Tonnage: 1226 ton

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