Yard Number: 862

Operator: South Eastern Gas Board; Manager: D K Jacobs, London.

This vessel was on the books at Alexander Hall (yard number 754) when the yard was taken over by Hall Russell & Co. Ltd. as part of the Burntisland Shipbuilding Group.

Thames up-river collier.

Main engine: eight-cylinder, two-stroke British Polar M48M of 1,150 bhp at 300 rpm. Speed 11 knots.

Burntisland Shipbuilding Group Journal, Vol 25, no. 4. page 106:
'The EWELL was launched from the shipyard of Alexander Hall & Company Limited on 22nd January (1958) by Dame Alix Maynell, D.B.E., chairman of the South Eastern Gas Consultative Council and a member of the South Eastern Gas Board.'

'The EWELL and the LAMBETH are raised quarter-deck, self-trimmers with three cargo holds forward of the motor room. There is a deep tank between Nos 1 and 2 holds. The tank top os sloped to the shell at the sides to form hopper type cargo holds facilitating grab discharge. There is no cargo handling gear but there is one winch to pull three tons to operate the patent type single pull, semi-balanced steel hatch covers. The masts are telescopic for operation under bridges. The vessels have a deadweight of 2,835 tons, a length (b.p.) 261'-6", breadth 39'-4", depth moulded 18'-6" and a draft loaded 17'-1". Water ballast is carried in the double bottom, the fore and after peaks and in the deeop tank, sufficient ballast being carried to allow navigation without cargo beneath the many low bridges on the Thames. An oil fuel cross bunker is situated at the forward end of the propelling machinery space. The ship's company have separate cabins and the accommodation provides a very high standard of comfort. The captain, deck and engineer officers are housed amidships and the crew aft. The main British Polar type engine is of single-acting, 2 cycle, trunk piston type, with 8-cylinders, 340 m.m. diameter and 570m.m. stroke, developing 1,150 b.h.p. at 225 r.p.m., direct coupled and direct reversing. All the auxiliaries are electrically operated, taking current from three diesel generators, each with an output of 40 kw. at 220 volts d.c.'

Sister ship to the LAMBETH, which was launched from Hall Russell's yard the following day; 23rd January 1958.

1970: To Stephenson Clarke Shipping Ltd as FLETCHING.
1980: To breakers at Gijon, Spain, arrived 24th June.
Hall, Russell & Company, Limited
South Eastern Gas Board, London
length 275' x breadth 39' x depth 17'
gross tonnage 1877 ton

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