Official Number
Yard Number: 902
Motor Collier

Engines: Polar Oil Engine 2SA 8 cylinder 340x570, 1520BHP, Nydqvist & Holm, Trollhatten
Construction: Riveted and Welded

Laid Up Survey Overdue July 1985
Classed LR until 22/11/1986 (class withdrawn)

Renamed: OTTERBURN (1985); STINA STAR (1986); POLLY C. (1988); POLLY ANNA (1989); MED PRINCE (1991); KARIM (1992); HAIDAR 3 (1995); HAIDAR S (2003)

BALLYRUSH was one of two motor colliers built for J. Kelly & Sons, Belfast by Hall Russell, the other was BALLYRORY. Hall Russell had built two similar vessels for the company in the late 1950s. BALLYRUSH and BALLYRORY were the last two ships with the frame and shell riveted in the yard. The plate edges were welded. they were also the last to have the mid island design incorporated with engine and crew accommodation at the aft end and bridge, Captaions, Mates cabins forward (the modern coaster has everything at the aft end).

1985: Sold and Owned by J Marshall & Son, Sunderland and renamed OTTERBURN.
1986: Sold to Oxley Marine Services (Soreil Shipping Gibraltar) as general cargo carrier.
1988: Name changed to POLLY C, same owners. Then renamed POLLY ANNA, no known owners but registered in Valletta, Malta.
1991/92: Renamed MED PRINCE, owners not listed in Lloyd's Register.
1992: Renamed KARIM for Nobus Ltd, Kingstown, St. Vincent & Grenadines.
1995: Sold to Sohil Othman Delta Marine Transport, Lattakia, Syria and renamed HAIDAR 3.
2003: Renamed HAIDAR S for same owners.

Broken up in Syria, June 2003
Source: shipspotting.com

Aberdeen Press & Journal, Thursday 13 September 1962:
'Collier dwarfs launch party - The BALLYRUSH, a collier and general cargo carrier, built for John Kelly Ltd., Belfast, towers above the guests in this pre-launch picture at the yard of the Aberdeen shipbuilding firm Hall, Russell and Co. Ltd., yesterday.
The vessel, which was launched by Mrs E W P King, wife of the chairman of the owning company, is similar to the BALLYLORAN and BALLYLESSON built a few years ago by Hall, Russell's for the same owners.'
Hall, Russell & Company, Limited
John Kelly Ltd, Belfast
length 240 7/12' x breadth 39 1/12' x depth 15 9/12'
gross tonnage 1575 ton

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