Official Number
Yard Number: 927
Date of Launch: 22 September 1965

Oil Rig, TM Supply
Construction: Welded

Owner: P&O Offshore Services (UK) Ltd
Manager: The General Steam Navigation Company Ltd (changed to International Offshore Services (UK) Ltd

Renamed: ABERDEEN BLAZER (1974-76); SUFFOLK BLAZER (1976-87); DAWN BLAZER (198-947); PUTFORD BLAZER (1994); SEA KING (1995); MY LADY NORMA

Blackston & Co., Stamford Engine: 2 Oil 4SA each 8cy 8 3/4 x 11 1/2 with flex couplings.

LADY ALISON is an oil rig supply vessel built by Hall Russells for P&O. LADY ALISON was the first of six supply boats ordered by P&O. One vessel, the LADY EDWINA ,was built by John Lewis, which was the smallest of the six. The other three were built in Lowestoft by Brooke Marine (LADY CLAUDINE, LADY DELIA, LADY FIONA). LADY BRIGID was built by J. Bolson Ltd.

LADY ALISON is a twin screw and bow thrust fwd, towing winch and large stern roller for lifting rig anchor.

Information from Burntisland Shipbuilding Group Journal 28 (1), p20-21:
Sponsor at launch was Mrs Alan Browne, wife of chairman of P&O Offshore Services (UK) Ltd.
Designed to service the Burmah Oil I.C.I. - Murphy Petroleum - Ocean Exploration Groups drill rig "Ocean Prince".
Unusual features include "self-discharging system for 200 tons of cement of barytes, a 50 ton winch for the handling of drill rig anchors..."
Total complement of 11 officers and crew.
Photos (Burntisland Journal):
(1) Almost afloat
(2) Mr & Mrs Alan Brown, and their daughter Alison
(3) Combined wheelhouse and chartroom
(4) At sea
Photos (p25 of Burntisland Journal):
(1) Lady Alison lying alongside and dwarfed by "Ocean Prince".

31 December 1974: Sold to Sea Services Shipping Co. Ltd, London and renamed ABERDEEN BLAZER.
14 January 1976: Sold to Small & Co. (Lowestoft) Ltd and renamed SUFFOLK BLAZER. Later sold to Suffolk Marine London and retained same name.
20 October 1987: Owned by Warbler Shipping Ltd, London and renamed DAWN BLAZER.
1994: Renamed PUTFORD BLAZER (Source: Lloyd's Register)
26 October 1995: Became PUTFORD BLAZER for Putford Shipping, Lowestoft as a standby vessel.
1995: Owned by Seaquest Explorers (Africa) Ltd and renamed SEA KING. Seaquest was planning to run exclusive diving holidays to Zanzibar but went bust in 1996. Their asset, the vessel was sold to Vesuvius Shipping in 1999 and registered in Saint Vincent and the Grenadines. (1999-2000 Lloyd's Register, the vessel is registered in Kingstown, St Vincent and the Grenadines). She lay idle at Penzance for 12 years before being acquired by her new owners Silver Ship Maritime Group Malaysia registered in Kimbal as MY LADY NORMA. In September 2010 she was due to sail to Malaysia when she was going for dry dock for refit but was found she had no working engine. New ports finally arived but as at November 2011 the ship only managed from Penzance to Falmouth. Research vessel at Penzance, Cornwall, 8 January 2011. Now in service 2012.
Recently sold to new owners under the Kiribati flag, registered Tarawa 2012 on 23 January 2012. Location Port Said. The ship has had its two lifeboats removed, the accommodation has ben extended and a stern gantry has been added for survey work.

(Source: Lloyd's Register of Shipping. Last mention in Lloyd's Register 1987-88).
(Source: Burntisland Shipbuilding Group Journal 28)

Hall, Russell & Company, Limited
P & O Offshore Services Ltd, London
General Steam Navigation Co. Ltd.
length 175' 5" x breadth 37'1" x depth 15'
gross tonnage: 854 ton

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