Official Number
Yard Number: 996

Subsequent Names: BALLANTYNE (1991); LANCELOT ROVER (1991-93); TORBAS (1993-98); NAVILLA CHARMER (1998-2003); BOURBON CHARMER (2003-08); DE JIE (2008-2012)

Type: TM Supply Tug fire fighting, 2 decks
Construction: Welded

Forward thruster, 2 Wartsilla 2 Vee Oil 4SA each 16 cy 250x300 reduction to SC shaft geared

BALLANTYNE was originally built in Norway by Sarpsborg Mek. Verksted A.S. K.S. (Yard number 54) as one of Ubstein popular design U.T. 704 in 1983 for unknown owners but was never completed.

She lay rusting away in Norway until 1991when she was towed to Aberdeen shipbuilders, Hall Russell's, for Ballravie Shipping, Aberdeen whose MD was also MD for the Aberdeen shipbuilders and was to be named BALLANTYNE. BALLANTYNE was pulled into the covered in building berth with strong winches and jacked up and wooden blocks were placed under the ship for propellers and underwater work to be installed by the workforce, who nicknamed the project 'the rusy hulk'. It took the workforce in Aberdeen shipbuilder Hall Russell a huge task to pull 1,000 tons of steel up a concrete incline and jack the ship up to about 3'0 or more on a sloping base.

Unfortunately Ballravie Shipping were declared bankrupt and the project was again unfinished. the ship was put back into the water and towed to Husumer Schiffswerft Inn Gebr Kroeger Germany (Yard number 1510) and finally emerged as LANCELOT ROVER in 1993.

She was named TORBAS for Kingbas Ltd (Remoy Management A/S Hamilton Bermuda (British) until 1998 when she became HAVILLA CHARMER for Havilla Supply Ships Aalesund, Norway as a standby safety boat until 2003.

She became BOURBON CHARMER for Bourbon Offshore Norway A/S (Fosnavaag) until 2008 when she became DE JIE for Hong Kong Salvage in Hong Kong doing salvage work and still working in 2012.

Hall, Russell & Company, Limited
length 65.64 x breadth 13.80 x depth 6.030
gross tonnage 1599 tons

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