Official Number
Rig: SHIP (1852-58 and from 1859); BARQUE (1858-59)

Aberdeen Register of Ships (Aberdeen City Archives):
Registered 27 September 1852.
2 decks and half poopdeck and forecastle, 3 masts, standing bowsprit, female figurehead, Master Charles Stuart.
Subscribing Owners: George Thompson Jr., Shipowner (32/64 shares); Charles Stuart, Shipmaster (16); James Buyers, Shipowner (8); all Aberdeen.
Other Owners: Walter Hood, Shipbuilder (4); Alexander Matthew, Shipowner (4).

Lloyd's Register:
1853: Destined voyage Aberdeen-Port Philipheads, Victoria, Australia.
1859: Master R. Ross; Destined voyage London-Australia.
1863: Master R. Ross; Destined voyage London-Australia.
1865-66: Master Healing.
1868-69, Master John Stewart (died on return to Tilbury after round trip to Australia)
1869-70: Destined voyage London-Australia, Master A. Donald.
1870-71: Owner H. Ganson; Port belonging to Aberdeen; Destined voyage London-Australia; Master Anderson.
1875-76: Owners W. Jamieson & Co.; Port belonging to London; Master W. May.
1877-78: Owners J. Jamieson (sold to G. Jones); Port belonging to London (transferred to Aberdeen); Master W. May (replaced by J. Whyte).
1880-81: Owner G. Jones; Port belonging to Aberdeen; Master J. Whyte.
1881-82 to 1886-87: Port belonging to Spain; (owner blank)
1887-88: No reference.

1862: Master - Henry; Owner/Agent George Thompson , jun. & Co.

Aberdeen Register of Shipping:
23/4/1858: Description of vessel altered from ship to barque-rigged from a certificate of survey from London.
18/5/1859: Description of vessel altered from barque to ship-rigged from a certificate of survey from London.

Daily News, 27/10/1852:
Australian line of packets - for Sydney direct the splendid new Aberdeen clipper built ship WOOLOOMOOLOO, Charles Stewart Commander, now loading London Docks. This fine ship is expected to be one of the fastest in the Australian trade and has handsome accommodations for cabin passengers.

The Courier, Hobart, 2/3/1853, Quoting Sydney Herald, 19/2/1853:
The WOOLOOMOOLOO - this beautiful clipper built vessel arrived yesterday after an excellent run of 87 days from Portsmouth. She is commanded by Captain Stuart, late of Prince of Wales, a gentleman well known in the Sydney trade... [She] sails remarkably fast, having been only 56 days from the line. She encountered very severe weather in the channel... but this her maiden voyage proves her to be all that could be wished... has on board £63,000 in specie for the various banks [during Australian Gold Rush].
(Source: Historic Australian Newspapers Online (http://ndpbeta.nla.gov.au/ndp/del/home))

Moreton Bay Courier, 12/3/1853:
WOOLOOMOOLOO, having arrived in Sydney after passage of 87 days from Portsmouth, brought English news to 21 Nov.

Sydney Empire, 16/04/1853:
Gold circular - market more than usually animated owing to disposition to ship by the WOOLOOMOOLOO, which will take away 40,000 to 45,000 ounces of gold.

Melbourne Argus, 02/05/1853:
WOOLOOMOOLOO sailed from Sydney 22 April for London.

Cornwall Chronicle, 22/03/1854:
WOOLOOMOOLOO sailed from Sydney 27 Feb for London.

Morning Chronicle, 16/06/1855:
The ship WOOLOOMOOLOO from Sydney, which sustained considerable damage off Dungeness in a collision with the FALCON (S.S.) for Cork, is having her upper works, bulwarks, etc. repaired in the London Docks.

Melbourne Age, 06/09/1855:
[extracts from letter from passenger Per Maidot Judah] After rounding the horn scarcely anything but head winds and calms. On one of these days we fell in with good ship WOOLOOMOOLOO. Captain Stewart and a passenger came aboard and took tea wit us. WOOLOOMOOLOO arrived home shortly after us. On arrival she collided with a steamer, which did some damage to the ship and killed a sailor boy instantaneously. But for Captain Stewart stooping over he would have met a similar fate.

Melbourne Argus, 18/10/1856:
WOOLOOMOOLOO, Ross master, sailed from Deal 17 July for Sydney.

Ballarat Star, 15/05/1857:
WOOLOOMOOLOO, Stewart, from Sydney 19 Dec. off Torbay 14 March.

Ballarat Star, 07/09/1857:
WOOLOOMOOLOO reported 40 miles west of Wilson's Promontory [Victoria] with loss of her main and mizzen masts. She was steering west with a fair wind.

Maitland Mercury, 18/05/1858:
WOOLOOMOOLOO arrived London 11 Feb. from Sydney 17 Nov.

Maitland Mercury, 03/08/1858: Sydney shipping, WOOLOOMOOLOO - this old favourite arrived yesterday after passage of 91 days, considerably protracted by very heavy gales experienced since making land and which forced her to come round Van Diemen's Land. No vessels sighted since leaving the channel.

Melbourne Argus, 11/09/1860:
WOOLOOMOOLOO sailed from Glasgow 20 July for Sydney. (Arrived 13 Oct, 97 days from Greenock, Master Henry - Sydney M.H., 20/10/1860)

Ipswich (Queensland) Herald, 19/07/1861:
Arrived London 12 May. She would have arrived in ample time for the May sales had it not been for succession of light winds and calms. In spite of these line was crossed on 61st day and on 26 April ship was within 200 miles of Land's End. At this point light winds and occasional gales from east kept her back in spite of every exertion by the captain to get in in time.

Brisbane Courier, 03/01/1862:
Is expected to leave for London about 16 Jan. She has 1000 bales wool aboard and will carry about 1600. Loading operation delayed during last few days by unpropitious weather.

South Australian Register, 11/10/1862:
Arrived Sydney 9 Oct. from Plymouth.

Aberdeen Journal, 05/04/1865:
Off Portland 30 March - ship WOOLOOMOOLOO from Sydney for London.

Brisbane Courier, 30/08/1865:
Arrived Sydney 28 Aug. from the Downs.

Queenslander (Brisbane), 21/12/1867:
Arrived Brisbane from Sydney.

Lubbock, "The Colonial Clippers":
Wrecked 1885.

Had Spanish owners when wrecked.
Aberdeen White Star Line (George Thompson & Co)
length 155' x breadth 26 5/6' x depth 19 1/6'
Registered Tonnage: 627ton

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