Yard Number: 449

Owned in 1914 by T L Devlin, Edinburgh.
Requisitioned in August 1914 and converted to minesweeper.
Returned to owners, 1919.
Owned in 1938 by J Horne, Port Seton.
Scrapped in 1951.

Aberdeen Daily Journal 12th March 1909:
'Trawler Launched at Aberdeen'
'A new steam trawler to the order of Mr James Inglis, Leith, was launched from the shipbuilding yard of Messrs A. Hall and Co., Ltd., yesterday afternoon in presence of a large company. As the vessel left the ways she was christened the Fair View by Miss Michael. The dimensions of the vessel are as follows: Length 112ft.; breadth 22ft.; depth (moulded), 12ft. 6in.
The Fair View is to be fitted with triple expansion engines, with a boiler working at a pressure of 180lbs.
The company afterwards adjourned to the office of the builders, where they were entertained at a cake and wine banquet. Mr A. Farquhar presided, and among those present were Mr, Mrs and Miss Inglis, Leith; Miss Michael, Leith; Baillie Todd, Baillie Edwards, Councillor Gibb and Mrs Gibb, Councillor Leith, Councillor Newton, Mr W. M. Brechin, Mrs Farquhar, Mrs Bell, Kilmarnock, Mr J. S. Stuart and Mrs Stuart, Misses Farquhar, Misses Rust, Miss Gray, Mr J. S. Melville, Mr W. D. Kirkwood, Mr R. Thomson, superintending engineer; Captain William George, etc.
The Chairman gave "Success to the Fair View." He hoped the vessel would be very successful, and that Mr Inglis would get a good return for the money he laid out. (Applause.)
Mr Inglis, in reply, hoped the depression in trade would soon take a more favourable turn. We had advantages in this country compared with our Continental competitors in so far that our industries were in close proximity to our coalfields. He was of the opinion that we favoured the foreigner too much by having taken the export tax off coals. If that tax were on it would greatly help our trade at home and expand it abroad. (Applause.) He proposed "The Builders."
The Chairman, replying, said it had always been the endeavour of Messrs Hall and Company to put into the vessels they built the very best workmanship that could be produced.
Baillie Edwards submitted "The Fishing Industry." He paid a high compliment to the builders of the Fair View, and referred to the important part played by the fishing industry in the commercial prosperity of Aberdeen.
Mr J. S. Melville responded. He hoped the dark cloud which hung over the industry would soon clear away. (Applause.)
Other toasts followed.
Mr J. S. Stuart gave "The Town and Trade of Aberdeen" and Baillie Todd acknowledged.
Mr W. D. Kirkwood proposed "The Ladies," and Mr W. M. Brechin, in a racy speech, responded.
The proceedings concluded with the singing of "Auld Lang Syne."
J Inglis, Leith
A. HALL & Co.
length 112 3/12' x breadth 21 11/12' x depth 12 3/6'
Gross Tonnage: 186 ton

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