Official Number
Yard Number: 192
Date of Build/Launch: July 1874

Engine Compound 26” x 58” with 39” stoke, 718 i.h.p.
Boilers 2 iron 11’- 10” dia x 11’- 0” long, 2511 sq. ft. heating area, 6 furnaces,80 p.s.i.
Propeller 14’- 7” diameter 4-bladed solid cast iron.

First steamship with short blade propeller

Owner: Liverpool, Brazil & River Plate Steam Navigation Co. (Manager: Lamport & Holt, Managers). Part of the Lamport and Holt Fleet from 1874 until sold in 1893 (see below).

Subsequent Names: HELENE (1894)

Lloyd's Register of Shipping:
1876-77, 1878-79, 1882-83: Master J. Verrill; Port belonging to Liverpool; Engines 2 cylinder, 150H.P. by Hall Russell.
1884-85: Master Davies.
1886-87: Master Fairlan.
1890-91: Master Ballantine.
1893-94: Sold to H. Duchon Doris; Port belonging to Bordeaux; now named HELENE.
1895-96: Master Ausenac.
1896-97: Master Queguiner.
1898-99: Master Caccialupi.
1899-1900: Owner G. Levit; Port belonging to Bordeaux; Master Caccialupi.
1910-11: No reference.

Aberdeen Journal, 16/09/1874:
On Monday screw steamer ARCHIMEDES, built by Messrs Hall, Russell & Co., went out to Aberdeen say for a trial of speed and gave very satisfactory results, mean speed being 10½ knots on a consumption of 1 7/8 lbs coal per indicated horse power. ARCHIMEDES will leave for London and the Brazils under command of Captain Ferguson, Late of Thales.

Glasgow Herald, 28/12/1874:
The Brazil & River Plate Co.'s steamer ARCHIMEDES, from Brazil and River Plate, arrived Southampton 25 Dec.

Belfast Newsletter, 11/01/1875:
Steamer ARCHIMEDES left Mersey today direct for Montevideo, Buenos Ayres and Menooza.

Daily News, 13/01/1880:
Lamport & Holt's steamer ARCHIMEDES arrived from Brazils with specie to value of £22,000.

Daily News, 05/07/1877:
ARCHIMEDES arrived in the Mersey from the Brazils for Antwerp.

Glasgow Herald, 11 and 30/11/1880:
ARCHIMEDES from the Brazils arrived New York 9 Nov. and Liverpool 29 Nov.

Aberdeen Weekly Journal, 29/01/1883:
ARCHIMEDES homeward bound arrived at Bahia [Brazil] with a propellor working loose. Is repairing.

Newcastle Weekly Courant, 01/12/1888:
Lloyd's Agent at Buenos Ayres Cables ARCHIMEDES at Rosario [River Plate] with bows stove in. Supposed in collision with MILTON, British steamer. Damage to ARCHIMEDES considerable.

Liverpool Mercury, 07/11/1890:
Marine fireman James Moloney v. Lamport & Holt in Liverpool County Court. Moloney went on shore from ARCHIMEDES at Buenos Ayres with permission of 2nd Engineer, but on his way back to ship was arrested by local police and imprisoned. On his release ARCHIMEDES had sailed. He tried (unsuccessfully) to rejoin the ship at Rosario and eventually shipped home as fireman in the Co.'s ship CAVIER. He claimed wages for the whole voyage. Capt. Robert Anstin of ARCHIMEDES said the the "no liberty" clause was read over to Moloney on signing the articles and nobody except Master had authority to give shore leave. He waited at Rosario as long as he could, but eventually entered Moloney as a deserter. He offered his services at Buenos Ayres, but by that time ship had full complement. Judge found for owners.

Aberdeen Weekly Journal, 29/10/1891:
Lamport & Holt steamer ARCHIMEDES from River Plate and Brazil passed Hurst Castle.

1893 Sold to France:

1893-94 Owners H. Duchon Doris, Bordeaux, renamed HELENE.

Liverpool Mercury, 27/02/1895:
Bordeaux 25 Feb. - steam ferry boat sunk in harbour by collision with HELENE (French steamer).

Liverpool Mercury, 13/11/1896:
Marseilles - steamer HELENE brought 300 Syrian emigrants, most going to South America.

1899-1900 Owners G. Levit, Bordeaux.

1902 Owners, C. Devoto, Genoa, renamed RICONOSCENZA

8th March 1904 Wrecked Cabrera Island, Balearics
Hall, Russell & Company, Limited
Liverpool, Brazil and River Plate Steam Navigation Co., Liverpool
length 271' x breadth 32 1/12' x depth 17 7/12'
Gross Tonnage: 1520 ton

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