Official Number
Yard Number: 218

Steam Screw Schooner (with well deck)

Aberdeen Register of Ships, vol. 5:

Registered 20 May 1880

1 deck, 2 masts, schooner rigged
Engines 2 compound surface condensing direct acting, estimated horsepower 135

Crew accommodation: upper forecastle firemen, seamen and carpenter, remainder under poop - chief mate, 2nd mate, steward and chief engineer.

Original owners: John Birnie Adam, Thomas Adam Jnr., (Aberdeen) and Alexander Chivas Adam (Newcastle upon Tyne). Subsequent sales of small shares e.g. 23rd June 1881 the three Adams owned 48 shares; Thmoas Adam Snr. owned 4 shares and 2 shares each by the remaining shareholders: John Clark Gray (merchant, Carthagena, Spain), Charles Cook (ship owner, Aberdeen), Alexander Cook (shipmaster, Aberdeen), George Fyfe (merchant, Aberdeen), Alexander Davidson of Desswood (advocate, Aberdeen), George Livingston Rorie (banker, Aberdeen).

1881-82 Master J. Mutch
1885-86 Master J. Taylor
1890-91 Master J. Lovttlt
1894-95 Master A. Mowatt - damage repairs to ship
1897-98 Master H. G. Story

31 January 1898 wrecked on voyage from Tyne to Palomares with cargo of coal after collision with French vessel STRASBOURG in the Downs, weather conditions Westerly force 8 - ran ashore on the beach at Deal where she became a total wreck.

Name not listed in 1898-9 Lloyds Register.

Sheffield & Rotherham Independent, 8/11/1880:
Fire took place Saturday on board steamer ARDOE near Rotherhithe. Her cargo of export goods was partly destroyed.

Aberdeen Weekly Journal, 13/11/1880:
Capt. Mutch of Aberdeen steamer ARDOE writes "Can nothing be done to obviate the present careless manner in which the pilot cutters keep a lookout for homeward bound vessels entering the Thames? I arrived off Dungeness on evening of 2 Nov. (a clear starlit night) at 9:30 & immediately signalled for a pilot. After waiting 1 and 1/2 hours I proceeded to Dover, arriving about 1 a.m. I again signalled & repeated signals during the whole night. At daylight saw a pilot cutter off Folkestone & procured a pilot after waiting at least 10 hours."

Aberdeen Weekly Journal, 20/5/1882:
Capt. Cook reports ARDOE has picked up a large steamer, BORDER CHIEFTAN, in a disabled condition at sea & towed her safely to Gibraltar.

Standard, 25/10/1884 & 2/3/1886:
Adam Bros. steamer ARDOE arrived Millwall from Smyrwa.

North East Daily Gazette, 24/9/1888:
ARDOE arrived Shields, from London, with plates on port side damaged by collision in Thames. (Capt. J. Wilson)

Hampshire Advertiser, 11/5/1889:
ARDOE loading at town quay, Southampton, for Italy with 1500 tons of old rails. (Capt. Scorgie)

York Herald, 20/12/1889:
ARDOE, which left Tyne with coal for Carthagena, has put back with boilers leaking.

Glasgow Herald, 25/11/1893:
About 1:30p.m. Yesterday ARDOE was proceeding up Thames when, in Galleon's reach, she collided with and severely damaged port side of steamer JOHN MCINTYRE, of London, which was proceeding down. JOHN MCINTYRE had to return to port.

Belfast Newsletter, 22/1/1896:
ARDOE from Lette & steamer BOSTON from Swansea collided in dense fog about 4 a.m. near Girdlar lightship. BOSTON was struck on port side before engine room bulkhead and foundered. All hand saved. ARDOE, Capt. Mowatt, apparently uninjured.

Aberdeen Weekly Journal, 20/7/1897:
In thick fog Yarmouth, pilot cutter WILL O' THE WISP was run down near Lowestoft by ARDOE. The captain jumped on the steamer & 4 other pilots jumped into their boat. On fog lifting cutter was found to be afloat but leaking, starboard side being cut through and was able to reach Yarmouth.

Glasgow Herald, 1/2/1898, Aberdeen Weekly Journal, 2/2/1898:
ARDOE, from Tyne to Spain with coal and coke, was towed into the downs off Deal, having been in collision. She was cut down amidships & had her masts and funnel carried away. 2 men were injured & steward missing. Vessel was run ashore and injured men landed. Vessel was completely cut down on port side, with a lot of water in her.

Dundee Courier, 3/2/1898:
Ship which collided with ARDOE was 3 masted sailing ship STRASBURG, homeward bound to France. She has arrived at Dunkirk, having aboard ARDOE's purser, who jumped aboard in belief vessel was sinking. STRASBURG is badly damaged at bows & fore compartments full of water.

Glasgow Herald, 4/2/1898:
Gale has had bad effect on ARDOE, beached near Deal. Yesterday she was flooded fore & aft by sea breaking over her. Salving operations temporarily suspended. Vessel will in all probability be scuttled in present position.

Morning Post, 8/2/1898:
ARDOE, beached 3 miles from Deal, has now broken in two amidships.

Standard, 28/2/1898:
Hull of wrecked steamer ARDOE is lying in 2 parts on foreshore near Sandown Castle. Beach is strewn with coal and coke from vessel, which people were busily picking up yesterday.
Hall, Russell & Company, Limited
Adam & Company, Aberdeen
length 243' 4" x breadth 32' 7" x depth 17' 3"
Gross Tonnage 1388 ton

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