Yard Number: 764
Owner: Andrew Anderson & Aberdeen Syndicate

3-Masted Barque

Aberdeen Register of Ships (Aberdeen City Archives):
Registered 4 November 1848
Description: One and a half decks, poop, three masts, barque rigged, carvel built, no gallery, male figurehead, wood framework.
Master George Collie
Subscribing Owners: Andrew Anderson, Shipowner (22 shares); John Duthie Jr., Shipbuilder (10); George Collie, Shipmaster (4)
Other Owners: Robert Mitchell, Shipowner (4); John Cargill, Shipmaster (4); John Walker, Builder (4); Alexander Pirie, Merchant (4); James Stewart, Flesher (4) [all Aberdeen]; James Reid, Doctor of Medicine, Ellon (4); Alexander Shivas, Farmer, Mains of Arnage (4).

Lloyd's Register of Shipping:
1849, 1856: Owners Anderson; Master G. Collie
1858, 1859: Master D. Sim
1861: Owners Catto & Co; Port belonging to Aberdeen; Master D. Sim; Destined Voyage London-Cape of Good Hope
1863-64: Master Roberts; Destined Voyage London-Algoa Bay (Port Elizabeth)
1866-67: Master J. Sangster; Destined Voyage London-Cape of Good Hope
1867-68: Owners Wright & Langridge; Port belonging to London; Master J. Winter; Destined Voyage Liverpool-Bermuda
1868-69: Master J. Douglas; Destined Voyage Clyde-West Indies
1869-70: Destined Voyage London-West Indies
1870-71, 1873-74: Master W. Eynon; Destined Voyage London
1874-75: No reference.

Aberdeen Press and Journal, 18/10/1848:
Launchers - On Thursday, a magnificent clipper barque, named the ARIEL, was launched from the building yard of Messrs. Duthie. She is acknowledged to be one of the finest clippers ever built at this port. Her wells and top sides are planked with mahogany, and her symmetry and fitting out are unexceptionable. She is built to class 9A1 at Lloyd's, and measures 314 tons new measurement, or 373 old. Length aloft, 122 feet and 7-10ths; breadth, 23 feet 1-10th; depth, 16 feet 7-10ths.

Aberdeen Journal, 05/05/1858:
For sale, four sixty fourths of the barque ARIEL of Aberdeen, presently lying at London.

Aberdeen Journal, 17/08/1859:
Shares of ships for sale by public roup in offices of James & George Collie, Advocates, Aberdeen, 19 August. The shares of following vessels belonging to Trustee on the sequestered estate of deceased Alexander Pirie, Aberdeen, viz.
8/64ths of barque MARTIN LUTHER of Aberdeen - upset price £50;
4/64ths of clipper ARIEL of Aberdeen - upset price £80;
4/64ths of clipper RUBENS of Aberdeen - upset price £100.
[shares in MARTIN LUTHER and ARIEL advertised again subsequently to be rouped on 30 September].

Note: List of Vessels belonging to the ports of Aberdeen, Leith, Dundee, Perth, Kirkcaldy, Alloa, Bo'ness, Grangemouth, Inverkeithing, Arbroath, Montrose, Stonehaven, Peterhead, Fraserburgh, Banff, Lossiemouth, Inverness, Kirkwall, Wick, &c, &c. has build date of 1842.
length 122.7' x breadth 23.1' x depth 16.7'
gross tonnage 315 tons

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