Yard Number: 236
Registered: 21 January 1864

2 decks, 3 masts, ship rigged, round stern, carvel built, no gallery, iron beams, figurehead shield

12 years A1 Lloyds
Cost £8,398 - £17 per ton

Owners: John Lumsden Rennie, Shipowner, Aberdeen, 48 shares; George Rennie Stuart, Master Mariner, Aberdeen, 8 shares; John Thomas Deane, Merchant, 147 Leadenhall Road, London, 8 shares.

Captain from 1864 to 1868 was George Stuart.

Vessel abandoned at Port Natal, South Africa, 3 February 1868.

On 3 February 1868 the anchor chain broke in a heavy swell whilst at anchor off Durban. The vessel drifted ashore on Back Beach, Durban and became a constructive total loss. No lives were lost.

Glasgow Herald, 02/03/1864:
London to Port Natal, the Aberdeen clipper line of packets - clipper ship TUGELA, A1 12 years, George R. Stuart Commander, loading in St. Katherine's Docks, will sail for Natal direct about end of March. This superb vessel, just completed by the celebrated builders Messrs hall, Aberdeen, is expected to be one of the fastest in the trade. Passengers are respectfully invited to inspect her unequalled accommodation. Rates of passage money - chief cabin 35 guineas, second cabin 25 gns, steerage 16 gns. For freight or passage apply to the owner, John T. Rennie, 48 Marischal St., Aberdeen.

Glasgow Herald, 20/10/1866:
TUGELA, ship, from Natal for London, 39 days out, 23 Sept., 31.9N, 35.49W (Mid Atlantic South of Azores).

Aberdeen Journal, 06/02/1867:
Deal, 30 Jan. - S.S. ERA, Bordeaux - London, got into collision 29 Jan. with ship TUGELA, of Aberdeen, London - Natal, while riding at anchor, doing her considerable damage. TUGELA will have to go back to London for repairs.

Aberdeen Journal, 15/01/1868:
TUGELA, ship, London for Port Natal, 21 days out 28 Nov., 8.11N, 25.10W (Atlantic Ocean off Brazil).

Aberdeen Journal, 25/03/1868:
Ship TUGELA, of the Aberdeen clipper line, was stranded at Durban, Natal, 3 February and has since been condemned.

Aberdeen Journal, 17/06/1868:
A court of enquiry has been held at the Office of the Resident Magistrate, Port Natal, regarding stranding of ship TUGELA, Capt. George R. Stuart Master at Port Natal 3 Feb. Court, after hearing evidence of the crew, found that stranding was due to parting of the chain not being discovered till it was too late to save the ship: that no sufficient and vigilant watch was kept to guard against such a catastrophe. That the Captain must be exonerated from blame - that the Chief Mate, Edward Knowles, in charge of the ship, appears to have done all in his power after the accident was discovered: and that no special blame can be imputed to him - that there was no reasonable probability of the ship being got off through the surf after she was stranded with the appliances at command at this port.
A. HALL & Co.
J T Rennie
length 148 1/3' x breadth 26 5/6' x depth 16 1/6'
gross tonnage: 475 ton

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