Official Number
Yard Number: 287
Official Number: 70955
Date of Build/Launch: June 1875
Owner: P. Iredale, Liverpool

Subsequent Names: JOHANNE

MacGregor, "Merchant Sailing Ships 1850-1875":
Contract price of £17.7.6d per ton for 776 tons. Sailing ships built by Hall at this period were fine medium clippers and splendidly finished.

Lloyd's Register:
1876-77, 1877-78: Owner P. Iredale; Port belonging to Liverpool; Master J. R. Rennie.
1878-79: Master Goodman.
1880-81: Master Remington.
1881-82, 1882-83, 1884-85: Owners P. Iredale and Son, Master Swestilwski.
1894-95: Owners P. Iredale and Porter: Master J. D. Evans (since 1893); Renamed JOHANNE - new owners Actieselskabey "Johanne" (C. Bech); Port of Registry Tiredestrnd (Norwegian): Master L. A. Marcussen.
1898-99: 1899-1900: As 1894-95.
1910-11: Master N. Isaksen.
1914-15: No reference.

Bought by Huddart Parker Ltd in 1911 and used as a hulk. She was broken up in 1937 and abandoned in the North Arm graveyard, Port Adelaide, Australia.

Liverpool Mercury, 10/02/1877:
The iron barque ULLOCK of Liverpool was driven ashore in a gale at Tacumsbane on the Irish coast on her voyage from Cardiff to Aujer in Java with a cargo of coals. She was commanded by Captain J. A. Rennie. The heavy sea then running caused great danger to the crew, consisting of 19 hands. To form some communication with the shore the first officer gallantly swam ashore with a line and thus saved the rest of the crew.

Brisbane Courier, 19/9/1881:
Barque ULLOCK, from Glasgow to Brisbane, passed Cape Otway on Saturday, all well.

Queensland Times, 27/8/1881:
Arrived Cape Moreton 25 Sept, ULLOCK from Liverpool via Glasgow with general cargo.

Glasgow Herald, 16/10/1882:
ULLOCK (barque) October 8, Latitude 29N, Longditude 17W (Atlantic Coast Morocco).

Hobart Mercury, 29/3/1884:
ULLOCK arrived Brisbane 25 July from Liverpool.

Western Australia (Perth), 13/11/1886:
ULLOCK, Brown master, arrived 11 Nov. Freemantle from London 13 Aug. Called Hole Haven 14 Aug. to take in toutie and gunpowder. Had fine weather and light winds to Madeira. Thence light trades and southerly monsoons to equator (crossed 30 days out). Had very poor S.E. trades, lost them in 17S. Had fresh westerly winds to the Cape (passed 65 days out). Thence fresh winds to port.

Sydney Evening News, 22/12/1887:
Barque ULLOCK from Hamburg 28 Sept. came into neutral bay this morning. Captain Brown reports heavy gales for a fortnight after leaving port, followed by head winds down English Channel. Had strong favourable gales while making her easting. Rounded Tasmania 7 December.

Sydney Morning Herald, 12/1/1888:
Sailed 11 Jan. for San Francisco via Newcastle with coal.

Adelaide Advertiser, 22/2/1890:
ULLOCK, J.T. Christie master, arrived 21 Feb. from New Westminster, British Columbia, Dec 11.

South Australian Register (Adelaide), 29/4/1890:
ULLOCK, J.T. Christie, departed 16 April for Guam with cargo of wheat.

Newcastle Morning Herald, 21/12/1891:
After protracted passage of 17 days caused by adverse and variable winds, ULLOCK, Capt. Smith, entered harbour yesterday from Adelaide 2 Dec.

Newcastle Morning Herald, 30/1/1892:
ULLOCK sailed from Newcastle for Molleude with 1008 tons coal (arrived 31 March, Newcastle M.H., 17/5/1892)

Daily News, 04/04/1893:
ULLOCK (barque), March 2, Lat 14N, Long 36W (Mid Atlantic), Astoria (Oregon) to Cork.

Western Mail, 06/05/1893:
Bristol Dockers' Strike - several vessels in port with cargoes undischarged or only partly discharged, among these barque ULLOCK of Liverpool from Portland (Oregon) with wheat.

Birmingham Daily Post, 10/03/1894:
Deaths - on 9th February on barque ULLOCK, Puua Island; Guayaquil [Equador] of yellow fever, Ernest Harry Davis, aged 18. Deeply regretted.

Glasgow Herald, 07/06/1895:
Gravesend June 6 - tugs DORUNDA and AUSTRALIA collided off Royal Albert Docks. Norwegian barque JOHANNE (Auguste Commander), which was in tow of AUSTRALIA, collided with both tugs. Barque had stem damaged and has proceeded to Regent's Canal.

Glasgow Herald, 17/03/1896:
Norwegian barque JOHANNE, which sank near Margate in storm, has been floated and is proceeding towards London in tow.

Adelaide Advertiser, 7/5/1937:
On Birkenhead beach of the port river workmen have begun to break up the old coal hulk ULLOCK, which was once one of the smartest barque trading out of Liverpool. She was hulk at port Adelaide for 27years. She was owned by Peter Iredale & Co. for 20 years. In mid 1890's she was bought by Norwegians, who worker her hard until 1911 when she was bought by Hudoart Parker Ltd. and converted into a hulk.
A. HALL & Co.
length 186 9/12' x breadth 32 1/6' x depth 18 9/12'
Gross Tonnage: 815 ton

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