Official Number
Built by A. Duthie & Co.
Owner G. Leslie & Co.

Lloyd's A1 9 Years

1 deck and a poop deck, ship rigged, round stern, standing bowsprit, caravel built, warrior bust figurehead, 3 masts.
Owner: George Leslie, Shipowner, Aberdeen
(Source: Aberdeen Register of Shipping (Aberdeen City Archives))

1856: Master R. Scott; Owner Leslie & Co.; Voyage Aberdeen - London
1857: No trace in Lloyd's Registers
(Source Lloyd's Register of Shipping)

Completely wrecked near Amoy, China, 15 June 1856.

Aberdeen Journal, 17/05/1854:
'Launched last Saturday from yard of Messers A. Duthie & Co...Clipper built (of course)...property of G. Leslie for probably India or China trade...Commanded by Captain Budge, formerly of the Balmoral.'

Aberdeen Herald, 20/5/1854:
Messrs. A. Duthie & Co., turned out and excellent ship - clipper built of course - named the BEN AVON, of 684 tons, n.m., the property of Mr. G. Leslie, for probably the India or China trade, to be commanded by Capt. Budge, formerly of the Balmoral. The BEN AVON is a very beautiful model, will sail fast, and carry a large cargo. The launches passed off very successfully, and to the gratification of a great concourse of spectators.

Aberdeen Press and Journal, 3/9/1856:
Hong Kong, July 10 - The BEN AVON, Scott, from London for Shanghai, with a valuable cargo, was lost upon a rock off Hoetow point, 16th June. The vessel had previously been struck by lightning, which is supposed to have disarranged her compasses. She was going 13 knots at the time she struck. The master's wife, the owner's son, and three seamen, were unfortunately lost. The greater part of her cargo was washed ashore, and carried into the interior by the natives.

Freeman's Journal, 03/09/1856:
Regret to announce total loss by lightning and shipwreck of ship BEN AVON, bound from London for Shanghai, with distressing sacrifice of human life. She was owned by Leslie & Co., chartered by W.O. Young & Co., left London Docks 9 March with valuable cargo of merchandise. Wife of Commander, Capt. R. S. Scott & Mr. Leslie, son of owner (both passengers) were among those drowned. Capt. Scott reported her loss on 16 June as follows:- On 8 June we encountered dark and cloudy weather, with torrents of rain - about 1 o'clock there was a tremendous deal of thunder and ship fore and aft was struck by lightning. Every one on deck was struck down and whole vessel and rigging presented a vivid mass of fire. On recovering themselves they examined the damage. It has stripped most of copper off rigging and mast, melted lead off rudder head and damaged compasses. We proceeded, using compass we thought least in error. On the 12th we got a very imperfect sight of the sun. We shaped a course accordingly, keeping the lead-log constantly going and from then till 16th, on night of which she was lost, no further observation could be made. In gale and heavy rain, ship at 8.30am was felt to graze as if she was passing over a shoal, but directly after she struck with great force, parting in two immediately and fell over with her deck to the sea, which broke furiously over it, sweeping everything from it. In less than 10 minutes the whole ship was broken up. The ship's company clung to the spars and rigging which were floating. In this way 23 of 28 succeeded in gaining the shore, but were all more or less wounded, cargo was thrown out onto different parts of coast, which was plundered immediately by the natives, who mustered in great numbers and beat off the men who attempted to retrieve it. The spot where the ship struck was on a point to the westward of Hentoo, 40 miles from Amoy [Chinese Coast opposite Taiwan].

Aberdeen Journal, 10/09/1856:
Deaths - near Amoy, in wreck of ship BEN AVON on 16 June, John, third son of Mr. George Leslie, Shipowner, Aberdeen.

G Leslie, Aberdeen
length 156.3' x breadth 27.4' x depth 19.4'
gross tonnage 667 tons

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