Yard No: 142

One Deck and Two Masts, Brig Rigged, Standing Bowsprit, Square Sterned, Carvel Built, No Galleries, No Head, Admeasured Aground.
Lloyds Classification: A1

Subscribing Owners:
WIlliam Hodge of Devonport in the County of Devon, Merchant 32/64 and Charles Cuming of Plymouth in the same County, Merchant 32/64.

Summary of Transactions:
On 29 December 1830 Charles Cuming of Plymouth, Merchant, transferred 32/64 to William Chapell Hodge of Devonport, Merchant.
Register Cancelled and Registered de Novo at Plymouth 9 October 1833 No. 47 the Description being altered.
...former certificate... now delivered up and cancelled
Subscribing Owners - William Hodge of Devonport, Merchant 32/64 and William Chapell Hodge of Devonport, Merchant 32/64.
Register Cancelled 29 November 1837, the vesel having been lost on 14 September 1837 on the Coast of Jutland.

(Note: A different source gives owners as follows: Brebner & Co until 1826, Cumming & Co until 1828 and Hodge & Co until 1833).

1823/1825: J. Morrice; Route London/Trieste
1827/1828: J. Hamlyn; Route Plymouth/ Pictou?
1830/1833: J. Hamlyn; Route Liverpool/Straits
10 January 1831: Christopher May (Customs House Gloucester)
22 October 1832, John Hepburn (Customs House Plymouth)
2 November 1835: William Arnold (Customs House Plymouth)
10 August 1836: William Russell (Customs House Plymouth)

Between 1826/1827 Ship suffered some damage which was repaired.

Royal Cornwall Gazette, 25 December:
The WELCOME was one of the vessels stranded at Plymouth by the great gale of 21/22 November 1824 - The 142 ton brig WELCOME, Morris, from the Canary Islands (Times of 27 November) of Aberdeen, was cast ashore at Wembury, together with the brig JOHN, of Bideford, Thomas Wills, master, from Leghorn to London. "The lookout man on the station at Yealm at day-break discovered the two vessels onshore, the JOHN at this time was almost a perfect wreck, her masts were gone, and a female was perceived clinging to the side of the vessel; but none of the crew were in view. The sea was... breaking over the vessel with great violence... James Crags, boatman, of the station at Yealm, being an expert swimmer, watched his opportunity, and on the waves receding, fearless of danger, rushed in, and succeeded in reaching the vessel and rescuing the unfortunate woman, who was the only living creature on board, from her perilous situation... The tide in the meantime having receded, the wreck was surrounded by numbers of the country people, drawn down to the spot with a view to plunder and some of them had gained access to the cabin, and secured and borne off several articles, when they were interrupted in their infamous pursuit by the arrival of Lieutenant J. R. Godfrey and his party from the Yealm station".
The crew of the WELCOME were all saved but the captain's wife was the only survivor from the JOHN. Both the JOHN and the WELCOME survived the winter on the exposed beach, to be advertised for sale by auction on 3 March.
On 22 March, both were sold, the WELCOME was reported purchased by Mr. Cumming for £1,100 but the JOHN, (sold to Mr. Wake shipbuilder of London) only reached £200. Refloated during the week of 21 April both vessels were immediately brought into Plymouth for repair.

Lloyds List 7351, 25 September 1837:
"Thistead 15 September - The WELCOME, Russell from St. Petersburg for Plymouth was stranded on this coast yesterday. She is full of water and it is feared will be wrecked. Crew and part of the cargo saved".

Plymouth Devonport & Stonehouse Herald, Saturday 30 September 1837:
"The English vessel WELCOME, Captain William Russell, from St. Petersburg bound Plymouth, was wrecked on the coast of Jutland on the 18th inst. The crew and part of the cargo were saved".
length 72 5/6' x breadth 21 9/12 x depth 13 1/6'
Registered Tonnage: 142 ton

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