Official Number
Rig: SHIP, Clipper

Launched 6 May 1856

2 decks (a poop deck and a top gallant forecastle), 3 masts, ship rigged, round stern, carvel built, no galleries, female figurehead.

Subscribing Owners:
George Thompson Jnr., William Henderson, both shipowners in Aberdeen, Stephen Thompson, shipowner in London, joint owners - 40 shares.
Other Shareholders:
Charles Stuart, master (16 shares), Walter Hood, shipbuilder (4 shares), James Buyers, shipowners (4 shares). Walter Hood died intestate 27th December 1862, ownership transfers to Ann Hood, spinster June 3rd 1863.
(Source: Aberdeen Register of Shipping (Aberdeen City Archives))

1857/58/59: C Steuart (Stewart); Voyage London - Australia.
1861: C Stewart; Voyage London - Australia.
1862/63: Master S. Lawson.
1865/66/67: Master S. Lawson.
1868: Master S. Perrott.
1869/70: Master S. R. Parrott, route London to Australia.
1871/72: Master S. Watt.
1873/74: Master S. Watt.
1875/76: Master S. Watt.
1877-78: Registered as a barque, Master Watt.

Note: The ships carpenter on two voyages to Melbourne between 1862 and 1863 was David Alexander from Aberdeen.

Sold to Brazil, renamed sailed as the IDA until 1891 when it was renamed HENRIQUITA. Condemned and broken up in March 1897.

Aberdeen Journal, 07/05/1856:
Launched from yard of Messrs Walter Hood & Co. Yesterday another of those splendid clipper ships, for which this port has become so famous. WAVE OF LIFE, Capt. Stuart (late of Wooloomalloo) has been built expressly for the Australian trade, fitted out in most superior style for passengers, combining all the recent improvements.

Maitland Mercury, 04/12/1856:
Sydney News - ship WAVE OF LIFE, from which a rapid voyage was expected, is now out 109 days from London and nothing has been heard of her - has given rise to some anxiety.

Sydney Empire, 15/12/1856:
One would be inclined to believe that this noble vessel, from the time which has been expended over her voyage from London to Sydney, is not entitled to the name of clipper. Sparred on principle of comparatively short masts and square yards, she has every facility with a moderate share of fair winds and fine weather, but on this her maiden voyage has had succession of reverses. In English channel in terrific squall her fore topmast, fore and main top gallant masts went by the board, which compelled Capt. Stuart to put into Plymouth - she experienced foul winds and calms nearly all the way to the line. Successive light winds and calms until she reached meridian of Cape of Good Hope on 74th day out. From there to Cape Otway she showed her capabilities, repeatedly running 10 knots an hour. Reached Sydney yesterday, having left London 16th August.

Morning Chronicle, 02/06/1857:
Ship WAVE OF LIFE, Capt. Charles Stuart, from Sydney 14 February with wood, tallow, about 4000 ounces gold and 18 passengers, landed mail at Plymouth yesterday. She rounded Cape Horn 21 March and cross the line 1 May.

Morning Chronicle, 25/07/1857:
Off the night, ship WAVE OF LIFE from London for Sydney.

Sydney Morning Herald, 13/12/1859:
Edward Jones for drunken and disorderly conduct on board WAVE OF LIFE was fined 10 shillings or 24 hours in prison.

Sydney Morning Herald, 21/12/1859:
Edward Jones and Jonathan Jackson, seamen from ship WAVE OF LIFE, sentenced to one week's hard labour for desertion from their ship.

Birmingham Daily Post, Daily News, 09/06/1864:
WAVE OF LIFE, from Melbourne 5 March, passed up the channel yesterday. She brings 26 cabin and large no. of steerage passengers, 5223 ounces gold (worth about £21,000) and cargo of wool, hides and tallow.

South Australian Register, 30/06/1873:
Shipment of 70 valuable rams and ewes arrived Melbourne 28 June in splendid condition per ship WAVE OF LIFE.

Melbourne Argus, 05/-7/1878:
London 2 July - arrived WAVE OF LIFE, barque, from Melbourne, sailed 13 March.
Walter Hood and Co
Aberdeen White Star Line (George Thompson & Co)
length 187' x breadth 34' 5" x depth 21'
Gross Tonnage: 887ton

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