Date of Launch: 2 January 1858
Wrecked: Piscadroe Isles, Amoy, China 16th Jan 1870.

Aberdeen Register of Ships (Aberdeen City Archives):
Registered 08/02/1858. One deck, poop and top gallant forecastle, 3 masts, male figurehead.
Original Owners: Alexander Nicol, Aberdeen, Shipowner (22 shares); William Nicol, Liverpool, Shipowner (10); George Thompson Jr., Shipowner (8); James Chalmers, Printer (4); John Gray Chalmers, Printer (4); James Buyers, Shipowner (4); Walter Hood, Shipbuilder (4); Alexander Bruce, Shipmaster (8) [All Aberdeen].
02/11/1864: ALexander Bryce 4 shares - Robert Colquhoun Adam, Aberdeen, Clerk; 4 to Alexander Nicol, Aberdeen, Shipowner.

Lloyd's Register of Shipping:
1859, 1863: Master A. Bruce (1859 destined voyage Aberdeen-China).
1865-66: Master D. Gillan; Destined voyage London-Australia.
1868-69, 1869-70: Master W. Conn; Destined voyage London-Australia.
1870-71: Owners A. Nicol; Master Macmillan; Destined voyage Aberdeen-China.
1871-72: No reference.

Aberdeen Journal, 06/01/1858:
Launched 2nd January 1858, Captain Bruce, late of the SCOTTISH MAID for India and China Trade.

South Australian Advertiser, Adelaide, 05/12/1860:
On Tuesday morning one of the seamen belonging to the ship Westburn, while engaged scraping the foremast, being seated in what is called a Boats wain's chair, while being hauled up the rope broke and he fell from the top gallant yard on to the deck, a distance of some 80 feet. Fortunately in descending he struck some of the stays, which broke his fall, and he escaped without breaking any bones although considerably bruised. He was immediately attended by Dr. Wilner.
(Source: Australian Newspapers Online)

South Australian Advertiser/Geelong Advertiser/ South Australian Register, 29/11, 4/12. 26/12/1860: WESTBURN, Captain Bruce, arrived Adelaide 27 Nov from London with 21 passengers and a miscellaneous cargo including 4 blood horses for Messrs Fisher of the Reed beds, Mr Little, the groom who accompanied them, reports that the vessel met with extremely rough weather especially after passing the Cape. He says that on several occasions he fully expected to lose the whole of them by the sea. The horses were placed in loose boxes on the deck and never had shelter on their heads from the time they left England, nor were they fastened in any way, the mares were the most unfortunate, having the doors of their boxes stove several times by the seas. The animals generally have enjoyed good health.

South Australian Register (Adelaide) 11/11/1861: WESTBURN, A. Bruce master, arrived 10 Nov Adelaide. (from London 26 Aug)

South Australian Register, 31/12/1861: Guichan Bay – ship WESTBURN arrived from port Adelaide, having made the trip in 4 days. She has taken best mooring ground in the bay.

South Australian Register, 30/1/1862: Ship WESTBURN completed wool loading robe, Guichan Bay, 25 Jan. having almost 1850 bales from this port and between 400 and 500 from port Adelaide. Will probably sail tomorrow.

Melbourne Argus, 22/10/1862:
Arrived Hobson's Bay (Melbourne) 21 Oct., ship Westburn, Aberdeen Clipper Line, Alexander Bruce, from London 5th July.
(Source: Australian Newspapers Online)

Brisbane Courier, 29/10/1864:
Sydney Shipping - arrival Oct. 27, Westburn, Ship, from the Downs.
(Source: Australian Newspapers Online)

Sydney Morning Herald 23/6/1866: Ship WESTBURN, Captain Conn, left the downs 20 Feb, crossed equator 16 March, passed meridian of Cape of Good Hope 15 April, ran her easting down in parallel of lat. 45S and rounded SW coats of Van Diemen’s Land [Tasmania] 16 May.

Aberdeen Journal, 11/01/1871:
Aberdeen vessels lost in 1870 - WESTBURN, ship, 593 tons, twelve years old, lost near Piscadore Island.
A Nicol & Co., Aberdeen
length 173' x breadth 28' x depth 18'
Gross Tonnage: 593ton

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