Official Number
Yard Number: 213
Launched October 1878
Official Number: 79641

Description: 1 deck, 2 masts, ketch rigged, round stern, clench built, iron frame.
(Source: Aberdeen Register of Shipping (Aberdeen City Archives))

Aberdeen Journal, 5th October 1878:
'This tug has been built for Mr James Gibb of London - intended for Thames and Channel towing. It is the third tug built by Hall, Russell & Company for the same firm... a powerful iron paddle-tug with disconnecting engines of 50h.p.'

Aberdeen Journal, 29/10/1878:
Iron Paddle steam tug Ben Ledi, built by Hall Russell, went out to the bay yesterday for a trial of speed and attained very satisfactory result, 10 knots. Fitted with the latest improvements. Will leave for London tomorrow.

Morning Post, 20/6/1879:
Ben Ledi, belonging to the Ben line of tugs, was engaged by Thames Royal Yacht Club to convey limited number of members to see race from Nore Light to Dover.

Daily Gazette, 6/9/1879:
Ship St. Vincent, London for Adelaide, returned on fire to Gravesend in tow of Ben Ledi.

Liverpool Mercury, 4/4/1882:
At Lloyd's captains rooms, London, 19 April, to be disposed of by private treaty, fine iron paddle tug Ben Ledi, built 1878 by Hall Russell. Disconnected lever engines of 50 H.P. nominal with 25 in. cylinders and 4 ft. stroke is splendidly finished and does her work extremely well. Can be inspected by appointment on River Thames, where she is now employed.

Aberdeen Weekly Journal, 28/11/1882:
G and N Davidson, herring curers and merchants, St. Clements St., have secured for trawling purposes, the powerful steam tug Ben Ledi, of London, which arrived Aberdeen yesterday. Additions necessary to fit the vessel for trawling are already commenced, and she is expected to be ready in a few days.

Aberdeen Weekly Journal, 12/2/1883: ballast.

York Herald, 22/4/1889:
Badly leaking yacht crewed by 5 young men was hailed by Ben Ledi at Castle Foot of Scarborough and taken in tow, but sank as soon as she was towed into harbour. The tug skipper very generously refused any recompense.

Owned by R. Redford & Sons, 1918-19
Master from 1918 B. Bootiman
Last entry in Lloyd's Register of Shipping 1925-26
Hall, Russell & Company, Limited
J F Gibb, London
length 90 3/12' x breadth 18 7/12' x depth 10 3/12'
Gross Tonnage: 114 ton

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