Official Number
Yard Number: 236

Renamed: RONGOS (1967), STRILOS (1987) LAMU (2002)

Motor Trawler
Construction: Part riveted, part welded, cruiser stern

Engine number 308, by John Lewis & Sons, Doxford.
Trials: on test bed 12 June, at sea in Aberdeen Bay 1 September, on voyage to Peterhead, 28 October 1953.
Fishing number A715

BEN LUI was built in 1953 for Richard Irvin of Aberdeen as a distant far trawler to fish the waters of Iceland or the Barents Sea. BEN LUI fished off the port and starboard sides of the vessel. BEN LUI had a distinctive sloping funnel structure aft of wheelhouse.

Sold to and owned in 1967 by Jens Rong, Bergen and renamed RONGOS.

In 1972 new owners bought the ship for Brarns R. Bendiksen, Tromso, Norway. Lloyd's Register for 1972 records the length as 166'10".

In 1977, owned by Bjarne R Bendiksen, Tromso. New engines 1980: 1x 2 stroke 4 cylinder Wichmann Motofabriek, 1 oil engine driving 1 fixed pitch propeller.

In 1981 owners recorded as P/R Rongos Karr Misje & Co. Bergen.

In 1987, owned by Kare Misje & Co. Rederi A/S and converted from fishing to research/diving support vessel, adding a forward thrust and stern thrust. A new main engine (made by A/S Winchman, Rubbestadneset, Oil Engine 2SA 4cy 300 x 450 1,000BHP (736KW) was also installed. Port and starboard sides at hte deck housing were covered in, a new wheelhouse was instllaed one decik higher up. Simon Mokstar, Stavanger, Norway became the new owners in 1987 changing the name to STRILOS.

In 2002 she was renamed LAMU for Lamu Research Vessel Company Ltd, Powys Yacht Management, Saint John's, Antigua and Barbuda as a diving support vessel. Derrick and winch added of 5 ton.

As of 2003, this vessel is now a yacht and renamed LAMU. Owners purchased the vessel from Norway where it had been a whaling vessel and converted it to a luxury yacht.

From superyachts.com:
Motor Yacht Lamu
"Lamu (formerly Ben Lui) is a 50.84m (166.80ft) motor yacht, custom built in 1953 by John Lewis & Sons . This luxury vessel's sophisticated exterior design and engineering are the work of John Lewis & Sons. Her exterior is styled by the John Lewis & Sons team who are also responsible for the entire engineering package. Her exterior is styled by the John Lewis & Sons team who are also responsible for the entire engineering package.
Lamu has a steel hull and superstructure with a beam of 8.60m (28.22ft) and a 4.66m (15.29ft) draft".

John Lewis & Sons
Richard Irvin & Sons Ltd
Ben Lui
length 152' 8" x breadth 28' 2" x depth 14' 1"
Gross Tonnage: 473 ton

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