Official Number
Yard Number: 201
Official Number: 73659

Renamed: IONA (1886)

Engines built by Hall Russell.
138nhp Steam engine. Two funnels, one fore and one aft.

Port of Registry London.

1876: Delivered to J.F. Gibb, Ratcliffe, London named BEN NEVIS.

Aberdeen Journal, 10/5/1876:
Ben Nevis, Tug, Holland Master, sailed Aberdeen for London.

1877-85: Master was R. Holland.

Daily News, 11/8/1877:
Queen of Nations, for Adelaide sailed from Deal 10 August in tow of tug Ben Nevis.

8 October 1878: Towed disabled SS ROVER into Plymouth Sound.

Daily Gazette, 11/10/1878:
Steam tug Ben Nevis went in search of steamship Rover, disabled in gale and heavy sea with after compartments full of water and brought her into Plymouth Harbour.

The Star, 6/9/1879:
Emerald, from St. Lucia, passed Deal 4 Sept. in tow of tug Ben Nevis.

Aberdeen Weekly Journal, 4/10/1879:
Ben Lomond, from New Orleans, passed Deal 2 Oct. in tow of Ben Nevis.

Aberdeen Weekly Journal, 6/1/1880:
Alexander Duthie left deal 3 Jan, for Sydney, in tow of Ben Nevis.

York Herald, 26/11/1880:
Lonestory, 24 Nov, Moal Elilan, barque, with foremast gone, in tow of Ben Nevis.

Essex Standard, 1/4/1882:
Tug Ben Nevis came to assistance of barge Spy (with 500 quarters grain) in gale. She took barge in tow intending to take her to Sheerness, but seas broke over her with great force and stove in hatch covers. She began to fill and near the nore capsized and went down. Crew rescued by Ben Nevis and taken to Southend.

Glasgow Herald, 22/2/1883:
Ship Birmingham, with damage amidships, passed Dover in tow of Ben Nevis.

Glasgow Herald, 8/1/1885:
Dundrennan, in tow of Ben Nevis, returned to Falmouth, tow rope having broken.

1886: Acquired by Watkins renamed IONA. Overhauled in Scotland.

Daily News, 21/10/1886:
Tug Ben Nevis arrived off Dvoer 20 Oct and reports having picked up barge Brilliant (laden with wheat) derelict off Dungeness. Reported to have been run into by unknown barque. However, barge sank astern of tug 1 1/2 miles S.W. of Folkestone Pier.

6 December 1888: Towed capsized S/V PATRIOT into Harwich.

1891: Modernised for £3000.

By 1898: Master was T. W. Fitch and owner was W. Watkins.

1899: New steel boilers by Stewarts.

By 1914: Master was J. Mason.

By 1918: Master was G. W. Ross; Owners still Wm Watkins, under Manager J. S. Watkins.

September 1920: The vessel was sold by William Watkins, 75 Mark Lane, City, London to G Alder, Middlesbrough. Owners G. Alder Ltd until at least 1926.

26 August 1921: Involved in salvage of crashed airship R.38 in River Humber.

1928: Scrapped.
Hall, Russell & Company, Limited
J F Gibb, London
length 121 1/3' x breadth 21 1/12' x depth 11'
Gross Tonnage: 180 ton

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