Official Number
Yard Number: 539
Steel Screw Ketch

Built 1913 but first registered 1914
Master: A. Stanforth 1914/15
Master: George Rose at date of Shipwreck

Owner: Richard Irvine & Sons Ltd, Aberdeen, Shares 64.
Managers: Richard Irvine & Sons Ltd, Aberdeen.

Steam Trawler, Steel Screw, 1 Deck, 2 Masts, Rigging Ketch, Stern Eclipse, Build Clinker, Galleries & Head - None, 3 Bulkheads, Ballast Tank: 13 tons.

Classified !00A1 at Aberdeen

Wrecked 6 September 1927, in fog half a mile south of Girdleness on rocks at Gregness. Coastguards managed to get lifelines to the vessel and the crew were rescued by the Aberdeen lifeboat. (Full details of this event are recorded on page 11 of 'Shipwrecks of the North of Scotland' by R N Baird).

Gross Tonnage:
Under Tonnage Deck 196.41
Side Houses 2.57 198.98

Space for Propelling Power 95.32
Lower Forecastle 9.48
After Cabin 12.70
Boatswains Store 3.50 121.00
Net Tonnage 77.98

Length from top of Weather Deck to Keel 115.05
Depth from Amidships to Keel 13.20
Depth from top of Deck at Amidships to Keel 13.62
Round of Beam .50
Length of Engine Room 32.50

Engines and Boiler:
One Inverted direct acting triple expansion and condensing Boiler. Built by Hall Russell in 1913.
Diaphragm of Cylinders 12", 20" and 34". Length of Stroke 24
Speed 10.5 knots

Press & Journal, 12 October 1932:
"Death of Aberdeen Skipper.
Had Been a Trawlmaster for Thirty-Five Years.
One of the best known and most popular trawl masters sailing out of Aberdeen, Mr George Rose, has died at his residence, 38 Springbank Terrace, Aberdeen. Mr Rose had been in indifferent health for about six months.
A native of Lowestoft, he came to the North of Scotland about forty-eight years ago, and for a number of years sailed out of Peterhead. While in that port he carried out duties as master.
Coming to Aberdeen over thirty years ago, he joined the firm of Messrs John Lewis, Ltd., and had charge of vessels belonging to the firm.
After the war, Mr Rose took up duties as master with the Loch Line Steam Trawling and Fishing Co., Ltd., Aberdeen. He had been a trawl master for thirty-five years.
Mr Rose, who was sixty-nine years of age, is survived by a grown-up family - a son who is also a trawl master, and three daughters."

Family photographs of George Rose and his wife Jane Rose held in Private Collection.
Hall, Russell & Company, Limited
Richard Irvin & Sons Ltd
length 115' 8" x breadth 22' 1" x depth 12'
Gross Tonnage: 199 ton

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