Official Number
Yard Number: 210

Official number 77446

Description: 1 deck, 2 masts, schooner rigged, round stern, clench built, iron frame.
2 compound surface condensing inverted direct acting engines made by Hall Russell & Co. Aberdeen
(Source: Aberdeen Register of Shipping (Aberdeen City Archives))

Aberdeen Weekly Journal, 10/2/1879:
Late at night, when steamer Benamain was entering Aberdeen harbour, she collided with steamer Harraton, proceeding down entrance channel. Benamain was grazed on port bow and had port davit carried away.

1880-81: Master listed as R. Bissett

Aberdeen Weekly Journal, 13/7/1880: [advert]
To herring merchants and curers, the fast sailing A1 steamer Benamain, of Aberdeen, will sail 15 July for Stettin and Konigsberg, J.& A. Davidson.

Aberdeen Weekly Journal, 30/7/1880: [advert]
Rotterdam to Aberdeen direct - Fast sailing 100 A1 screw steamer Benamain will sail from Rotterdam (weather permitting) 3 August for Aberdeen direct.

Glasgow Herald, 5/10/1880:
Steamer Benamain, Captain Macdonald, Antwerp - Alloa in ballast, was towed into Sheerness with mainshaft broken and propellor lost.

Aberdeen Weekly Journal, 17/12/1880:
Steamer Benamain, of Aberdeen, Smith Master, has returned to Gravesend having lost her propellor.

Dundee Courier, 4/3/1881:
Aberdeen iron steamer, Benamain, which had been in Arbroath with coal cargo, left as gale was beginning which became grandly terrific - probably ran into Firth of Tay for shelter.

Aberdeen Weekly Journal, 11/7/1881: [advert]
To herring Merchants and Curers, unless prevented by weather or other circumstances, the well-known fast sailing screw steamer Benamain, 100 A1, will sail 15 July direct Aberdeen - Stettin. Freight rates and through rates from J.& A. Davidson.

Aberdeen Weekly Journal, 10/8/1882: [advert]
Well known fast sailing steam Benamain will sail from Aberdeen 12 August with herrings for Stettin direct. J. & A .Davidson.

Newcastle Courant, 13/6/1884:
Alexander Paterson, engineer, found guilty at North Shields of smuggling 2 1/2 lbs. tobacco on board screw steamer Benamain from Boulogne. Fined double value of duty or 14 days.

Aberdeen Weekly Journal, 26/9/1887: [advert]
1st class steamer Benamain, of Aberdeen, will be on berth at Rotterdam and will sail, weather permitting, about 6 Oct with a general cargo to Aberdeen direct, J.& A. Davidson.

Freeman's Journal, 5/10/1887:
Benamain, British steamer, is at Copenhagen badly damaged through collision, is discharging cargo.

Dundee Courier, 13/12/18don, action brought by owners of steamer Clydack, of Grangemouth, against owners of steamer Benamain, of Aberdeen. It appeared the 2 vessels came into collision early morning 21 October in Baltic Sea.

November 1888: Sold to J & C Harrison, London.
June 1889: Sold to Arnati & Harrison, London.

Northern Echo, 18/2/1890:
Steamer Benamain arrived Gravesend today with machinery disabled.

Yorkshire Herald, 1/4/1890:
Benamain, steamer of London, foundered 4 miles off Mumbles. Crew saved and landed at Swansea.

23 September 1890: Foundered off the Mumbles, South Wales after striking rocks off Lundy Island, while on passage from Swansea to Treport, France.

Hall, Russell & Company, Limited
J & A Davidson, Aberdeen
length 150' 2" x breadth 23' 2" x depth 13'
Gross Tonnage: 381 ton (247 Registered tonnage)

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