Yard Number: 147
Date of Launch/Build: October 1845
Registered in Aberdeen
Owner B. Moir

1 deck and a half poop deck, 3 masts, barque rigged, standing bowsprit, square stern, carvel built, no galleries, female figurehead.

Subscribing owners:
Benjamin Moir, merchant, 26 shares; Henry Patterson, banker, 16 shares; Alexander Bell shipowner, 8 shares - all Aberdeen. Other shareholders George Davidson, merchant, 4 shares; Benjamin Robertson, shipmaster, 4 shares; David Bell, merchant, Glasgow, 6 shares.

Source: Aberdeen Register of Shipping (Aberdeen City Archives)

Owners in 1870-71 Lloyd's Register: Falconer & Co.
Master: G. Lumsdon
Destined Voyage: London - St Helena

Cost £3,800
1846: Master Robertson
1847: London-Singapore run
1850: London-Ceylon run
1853: Master D. Bruce; Aberdeen-China
1856: Owner Trail & Co.; Registered London; London-Launceston (Tasmania)
1857: Master T. Ahier; Clyde-W. Indies run
1859: Master Holliday, London-New Zealand run
1862: Master R. Alexander; Owner Brodie & Co.; London-W. Indies run
1865-66: Owner Falconer & Co.; London-Algoa Bay (Port Elizabeth - S. Africa)
1867-68: Master G. Lumsden; London-St. Helena
1872-73: No mention in Lloyd's Register.

Fast Sailing Ships (1775-1875) by David R. MacGregor:
Page 116: Diagram of ACASTA
Page 120: Painting by Arthur Smith - possibly ACASTA
Page 120-1: Plans / Sail Plan

Aberdeen Journal, 10/05/1848:
Deaths - at Cape of Good Hope about end of January last, William Weir, Mate of barque ACASTA, of Aberdeen, in 51st year of his age.

Glasgow Herald, 21/05/1855:
Barque ACASTA, from Shanghai to London, spoken 2 May, Lat 44.28N, Long 30.54W (Mid Atlantic between Newfoundland and Bay of Biscay).

Caledonian Mercury, 16/01/1857:
Barque ACASTA, Capt. Ahier, arrived in River Clyde from the Mauritius on afternoon of New Year's Day, she was in charge of Daniel McCormick, an old and experienced deep-sea pilot. He dropped anchor within the buoy off the West Harbour [Greenock] and ran a hawser out to the buoy to keep ship steady so that she might not interrupt the channel... generally the ship was tailing down the river. About 5 o'clock following morning the Irish mail steamer ELK arrived from Belfast and in approaching quay struck ACASTA on port quarter. Capt. Ahier was charged in Police Court of breach in Harbour Act on grounds light was not properly displayed. Great no. of shipowners were present, who seemed to watch proceedings with great interest. Issues were whether bye-laws of harbour applied in the channel, whether Capt. Ahier was responsible when pilot in charge and whether light shown was sufficiently visible. Bailie's judgement was that, as mate of ELK had admitted he was the only one on look-out on forecastle deck, this and the steamer going at too great a speed was the cause of the collision. Capt. Ahier, being a stranger, had put himself in charge of an old and experienced pilot.

Glasgow Herald, 21/04/1864:
ACASTA, barque, spoken 4 February 34S, 16W [Mid Atlantic on Meridian of Cape of Good Hope].

A. HALL & Co.
length 128' x breadth 25' x depth 16'
gross tonnage: 385 tons

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