Yard Number: 333
Completed in March 1890


16 March 1890 - foundered off Cape Finisterre while on maiden voyage from Blyth to Malta with a cargo of coal.

Aberdeen Weekly Journal, 25+27/3/1890:
Narrative of loss of steamer BONACCORD from Capt. Charles R. Davidson: - "It is only 3 weeks today since BONACCORD left Aberdeen on her maiden trip to Blyth. We loaded coal for Malta & after satisfactory trial over the measured mile. Left on 10 March & all went well till 20 miles off Cape Fiwisterre, when gale set in combined with heavy seas and later by terrific squalls. BONACCORD was now labouring & straining heavily and at times large quantities of water were shipped. Engineer reported that pumps were unable to cope with what was seen to be a leak in No.2 hold. All hands were called and every effort made by shipping the deck pumps & bailing water from stokehold. However, starboard fires were soon drowned out and (a terrible undertaking), engine room ballast tank cover removed. Engineers were working in water up to their wecks. Centrifugal pump was then got into use & starboard fires relit. Course was set for land in hope of getting assistance from some passing vessel. Efforts were made to pump, bail, keep steam up and to right her by trimming coals from one side to the other, but water continued to gain. Sunday morning our rockets attracted attention of French steamer MARIE, which came as close as she could, but on my asking for a tow, she proceeded on her way without rendering any aid. Our ensign was then hoisted "Union down" as signal of distress. About same time LUCENT of Sunderland & ANGLIA of Glasgow approached. LUCENT made off, but with great difficulty ANGLIA attached tow rope. Lifeboat from ANGLIA attempted to attach rope, first 2 attempts unsuccessful, with 2 men in lifeboat narrowly escaping being drowned & rope breaking. ANGLIA made determined effort to tow BONACCORD to port, despite continuing heavy gale & high sea. However, after 24 hours water in hold was level with main deck & BONACCORD went down. All hands were saved & landed at Gibraltar by ANGLIA.

Aberdeen Weekly Journal, 14/5/1890:
Board of trade enquiry at Aberdeen. Construction of BONACCORD was stated to have been in every way satisfactory. Master, chief officer, chief and second engineer were examined at length. None of witnesses were aware of anything which could have caused leak.

Glasgow Herald, 21/5/1890:
Judgement of board of trade enquiry - Court, while of opinion captain of BONACCORD was undoubtedly guilty in more than one respect of grave error of judgement, did not think its self justified in disturbing his position as a certified master.
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